The Tea Wedding

Sunday, May 17, 2009

With the World Tea Expo behind me, at least temporarily, the wedding is at the top of the agenda and the long anticipated day was quickly approaching. We had the resort reservation, the low down on the weekend plans and our bags were packed.

We left Friday and headed across alligator alley from Florida's east coast to the Bonita Springs on the west coast. Never having been in on the alley I really enjoyed the natural landscape.

Nicole picked Chris up from the airport,our son, who flew in for the big event. Sneaking away from finals for a couple of days Nathan and Chris are like brothers and he would not have missed it.

The Hyatt at Coconut Pointe is fabulous and there is a lot to do. Surrounded by the natural habitat the property is beautiful and is "green" certified resort, we like that. We plan a Saturday morning boat ride and I plop into the jacuzzi for a soak. The spa like atmosphere is still very family friendly but large enough to find quiet, serene spots.

Chris found his happy place!

The 6:30 pm wedding and reception was being held outside and the weather was nice. There was a beautiful breeze blowing and the elegantly simple ceremony included vows that the couple had written for each other, readings from Lao Tzo, I Ching and Tao Te Ching.

Another intricate part of the celebration was a tea ceremony preformed by both the bride and groom for each others parents as a symbol of respect and reverance. Then the couple each added tea to one cup, each drinking from the single cup as a sign of the joining of two to become one.

It began with Nathan preparing the special tea the couple had created with meaningful ingredients intended to bring peace, longevity, prosperity, romance, love and life to the marriage.

Qian He Cha, 1000 Cranes Blend

With the parents served the couple then drank from one cup symbolizing their unity.

Adding to the romance and atmosphere, as the couple finished their vows a light rain began to fall, perfect.

The reception was delicious with lots of food, tea, dancing and celebration. The wedding toast was done with champagne and the award winning sparkling white tea by Golden Star.

We adore Nathan & Nicole and wish them many years of health, happiness and laughter together.

Until next time, Beth

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Tea Wedding Approaches

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nathan and Nicole's wedding is only 6 days away. As the wedding approaches we are getting excited, Newman and I, to see how the couple have "infused" tea into the ceremony and reception.

Nathan joined the Teas Etc family 4-5 years ago after he and Newman had a chance encounter at an area green market. As Nathan waited to purchase tea Newman was dealing with a somewhat difficult customer. Nathan came to the rescue satisfying the customer and sparking the conversation that lead to his employment. Immediately fitting in, as a foodie and fellow tea lover, Nathan has been with us in some capacity ever since. Once we discovered that he had graduated with a computer engineering degree he never bagged tea again!

O.K. enough history now to the reason for this post. Once Nathan got to know Nicole things moved quickly. Nathan decided to ask Nicole to marry him. It's not that he asked but HOW he asked that makes this a "story."

The happy couple was spending the afternoon at one of their favorite places, the Morikami Museum in Delray Beach. There is a Japanese saying that if you give a 1000 cranes and/or receive a 1000 cranes you are granted one wish. It was that day that Nathan presented Nicole a rather large box to open. Inside the box there were 999 white origami cranes that Nathan had laboriously folded 1 by 1. At the bottom was a larger, gold crane number 1000. In that gold crane was the ring which was followed by the proposal. How romantic!

Nathan and Nicole put together a list of ingredients with special meaning met me at the office on a Saturday where the 1000 Crane Blend was created. I was so confident in the quality of that blend that it was entered into the World Tea Championship! Of all the teas we entered I had really hoped that one would have won but it was not to be. Because of the overwhelming response to the blend and the story we have begun offering their blend commercially, now for sale on the website and to wholesale accounts.

We wish Nathan and Nicole years of happiness and good tea. We are excitedly anticipating their intimate celebration and are honored to be a part of this very special occasion.

Until next time, Beth

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