Returning and Visiting Shanghai

Friday, April 04, 2008

Returning to Shanghai after a few very long days I am catching up on some much needed rest and look forward to a couple of days of unpacking only once! I will be heading back home soon and I have to say that I am tired of packing.

I took time to get my hair done, very different then in the US, about a 15 minute massage by the shampoo girl. I wandered around an Indonesian mall which had many familiar stores. I was reminded of my friend Tiffany when I stumbled across a Hello Kitty store, apparently very popular here. I especially enjoyed strolling the European clothing stores.

Amy and I also took some time to see the Bund area of Shanghai. This lovely water front is located in an upscale area of Shanghai. With its beautiful views, lush landscaping and skyscrapers the Bund is sprinkled with eateries including Starbucks, Haagen Dazs and McDonald's. Starbucks was busy and unlike anywhere else they had 2-3 stores located within a couple of blocks of one another, suprising!

The Bund

Catch my upcoming posts that will include pictures from the Huangshan tea gardens, shopping and more.

I enjoyed the advertising on this bus.

Until next time, Beth

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Have Landed in Shanghai

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well I have landed in Shanghai and am looking forward to spending a couple of days here in the city. Like every city I have ever visited it is full of people and traffic. Interestingly my hotel is across the street from an IKEA! I am staying at a lovely hotel, great bed and wonderful bathroom, my two "musts" for any hotel. There is a huge picture window in the room where I watched the city transition from day to night, hopefully my pictures will do it justice, before crashing.

Wrestling jet lag is never any fun but I have a good plan this time utilizing my yoga practice, tea and herbs (especially the organic relaxing blend) to help me sleep.

Since I have previously only driven through Shanghai on my way to other places I am sure I will have 2 fun filled days. Amy Zhang who manages the Teas Etc office here in China will be accompanying me the entire trip this year. Amy is delightful and I am looking forward to spending this time with her.

Until next time, Beth

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