Chinese New Year - Tea Suggestions

Celebrate the Year of the Rat with these special Chinese Teas. Learn tips and ideas on food pairings and Chinese New Year festivities here.

Consider what you are serving and select teas that will compliment your function. Some teas are better than others for preparing ahead to be re-heated and that has been indicated below.

Black teas are perfect to accompany sweets and are darker and more full bodied.

Organic Golden Monkey
Delicious with sweet tones this tea is best served hot and can be prepared 30 minutes prior to serving.
Keemun Mao Feng
A traditional full bodied black tea that is best served immediately.
The original Lapsong Souchong tea this has a slight smokey character with sweet background notes. Historically significant, this is one of the teas thrown off the boat at the Boston tea party. Can be prepared 30 minutes ahead.
Red Dragon Pearl
A beautiful tea that is lovely to brew. Black tea with sweet notes and a medium body. Best served hot and can be prepared 30 minutes ahead of time.
Lychee Fruit
Lychee is sweet and goes well with meats. It can be served hot or cold and can be prepared 30 minutes ahead of time.

teas vary in character, leaf style and taste. A fun, interesting category for tastings!

Organic Shui Xian
An exceptional tea with terrific digestive properties, perfect after heavy meals. Best served hot and not prepared ahead. Do not let this tea steep to long and do not use boiling water.
Ginseng Oolong This sweet, light brew is terrific served with rice dishes and salty foods and can actually replace dessert.
Green teas are a great compliment to your tasting or celebration. While they range in character green teas have a lighter body then black teas.

Jasmine Leaf
A traditional, sweet floral tea that goes well with fish. Light and refreshing and best served hot and not prepared ahead.
Moroccan Mint
This traditional mint tea is refreshing, can be served hot or cold and is great prepared ahead of time.
Dragon Well
One of China's most famous teas this exceptional flat leaf tea has a slight woody tone with hints of mild sweetness. Best served hot and not prepared ahead.

teas have a mild, delicate flavor with many different tastes and regional nuances.

Organic Jasmine Silver Needle
An exceptional bud or needle tea that is perfectly scented with organic jasmine flowers. Sweet notes and a smooth body, this has a more robust body then the jasmine green tea. Best served hot and not prepared ahead.
Organic Bai Mu Dan
This is a traditional Chinese white tea with a full body and earth tones. Can be served hot or cold, do not prepare ahead.

tisanes can help bring a soothing element to your guests' fast-paced lives, providing both great taste and health benefits.

Organic Chrysanthemum Flower the only tea the Chinese drink cold this soothing light brew is not sweet like jasmine and does not have the same floral notes rather a simple character.

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