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A traditional blend of black tea and spices finely ground to release the maximum amount of flavor and aroma.

Richly aromatic and brisk flavor makes this dessert in a cup.
Specific brewing instructions will allow you to make this tea in a traditional fashion, enhancing your experience.

Chai Tea Type: Black Tea

Ingredients: black tea, cardamon, cinnamon, ginger root, black pepper, cloves

Origin of Chai : India

Chai Caffeine Strength:

+ Black Tea Brewing Tips

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User reviews

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WOW (Sunday, December 08, 2013)
Reviewer: Brian

This is the chai of all chais! Well done!

family favorite (Tuesday, September 17, 2013)
Reviewer: mary

my mil is from india and this is by far her most beloved American chai

Very Good once I figured out the correct amount to use for my taset (Wednesday, July 03, 2013)
Reviewer: DAWN

Using the amount in the directions was too strong for my taset, it only took a few cups to firure out the correct strength & I love it!

Rocket Fuel! (Monday, April 08, 2013)
Reviewer: Christopher

This chai is delicious, and is loaded with caffiene!!

So good! (Friday, February 01, 2013)
Reviewer: Lauren

I am a huge fan of chai tea, so I had to try this one! It's so good! I love it with almond milk in the mornings. Great way to start your morning.

Migraine-Buster! (Monday, September 17, 2012)
Reviewer: Amora

I sample teas all the time from both local sellers and those abroad. I have been searching for a good, strong, spicy chai for quite a while. This is hands down the best and the ONLY thing that can kill my worst migraines. I recommend a double-strong brew, brought (very gradually) to a boil in a glass tea kettle with milk and water together. Put milk, water, and tea in the kettle at lowest possible stovetop heat. It can take a long time to boil. The moment it does, I pour it through a tea strainer filled with some granulated sugar. It keeps the tea bits from getting in the cup and distributes the sugar well. This is very spicy and strong when prepared this way. It's also incredibly delicious.

Chai (Monday, September 10, 2012)
Reviewer: Steve

Really full tatse

Like Mom in Law used to make but not as strong (Monday, July 30, 2012)
Reviewer: Marcella

My Indian mother in law made great chai and this chai is the closest approximation to those classic flavors- only not as strong since (I am assuming) it is steeped and not boiled.

Chai black tea (Saturday, March 31, 2012)
Reviewer: Osvaldo

I drink this tea by itself or in combination. By itself it is very tasty and aromatic. It is one of my favorites teas. When I'm in the mood and if I want to give a pop to an all black tea, I use equals amounts of pure black with Chai and it brings the black tea flavor to a whole new level. Recommended!

Nice and spicy (Sunday, March 11, 2012)
Reviewer: Alison

I brewed this tea slightly stronger than suggested so that it would not seem weak when mixed with milk. It was delicious!

Chai (Friday, February 03, 2012)
Reviewer: Brian

What a wonderful blend this is. A well balanced Chai rich in flavor.

The Best! (Thursday, December 15, 2011)
Reviewer: Tiffany

Just the right amount of spice! You can really distinguish the different flavors in this one. Great plain or with a little milk and honey.

Pretty Good (Wednesday, November 16, 2011)
Reviewer: Courtney

I've had quite a few Chais in my tea drinking days. This was good esp. when I added in some soy milk and frothed the whole thing up a little. I enjoyed it.

Chai (Tuesday, November 08, 2011)
Reviewer: Steven

Very nice

Nice, strong chai (Thursday, July 14, 2011)
Reviewer: Scott

This is a strong, spicy chai that works well to brew in hot milk. I like to heat the milk on the stove, add the chai and let it steep for 5-10 minutes.

The best chai (Monday, March 21, 2011)
Reviewer: Jo

I have had lots of chai but this is the absolute best. The black pepper and additional spices give it a real kick and make this a satisfying chai. Drinking it is a habit I don't want to break.

Mmmmmmm! (Wednesday, February 09, 2011)
Reviewer: Mark R.

The summer of '72 was the first time I had Masala Chai at a Sikh restaurant in Washington, D.C. I was 10 y.o. and have never forgotten that dining experience. I had it occasionally in the years since, and most especially since it has become popular in recent years. However, none have come close to that same fresh, natural and exotic flavor that I remember from that first encounter. This one does. Now I couldn't possibly be tempted to taste anyone else's. This is another tea that is also an olfactory delight. My mother wants to make potpourri out of it - I told her to buy her own bag. She's not getting mine.

delish! (Saturday, January 15, 2011)
Reviewer: Lauren

I am a chai freak and this especially great cos it includes the black pepper and cardamom which takes it from cloyingly sweet as some chais can be, to a more masala chai sort of spicey goodness. could drink this all the time.

Well-Balanced (Friday, December 31, 2010)
Reviewer: Jodie

Perfect balance of spices for the perfect cup of Chai. Will definitely buy this again.

Chai black tea (Wednesday, March 31, 2010)
Reviewer: Sara

This is a wonderful tea, warm yet very robust. Not a sweet tea but probably the best I have ever had in a Chai tea. I drink it daily now.

Perfect for any chai lover! (Tuesday, February 09, 2010)
Reviewer: Sarah

I'm a big fan of chai tea, and this is by far my favorite of any loose leaf or bagged tea variety. Strong, but with great spices. Perfect for waking up in the morning!

meh (Thursday, October 08, 2009)
Reviewer: shary

I can't give this a completely honest review because me and a group of friends were just trying it, never have had chai before. We thought it was too strong, to "herbal". It is probably great for people who like chai tea, but it wasn't what we were looking for.

Bree (Monday, May 25, 2009)
Reviewer: Brianne

This chai tea is good. I have to say it is not as sweet as I expected. I normally order chai tea at coffee places and this one is quite a bit more bitter - but I still pleasant and tasty - as long as you are expecting that type of taste. I will still order it again.

Chai (Sunday, December 14, 2008)
Reviewer: Patricia

Chai is one great tea! It has such a nice mellow taste. I really enjoy sitting back and relaxing with a cup of this tea.

chai (Wednesday, December 10, 2008)
Reviewer: erin

i love chai tea with all its spices, i just ordered this one but have yet to try it im sure it will taste excellent.

Chai tea (Sunday, October 26, 2008)
Reviewer: Trinity

The chai is delicious. It has such a bold taste, and sent. No other chai teas compare to how wonderful it tastes.

personable tea (Monday, July 28, 2008)
Reviewer: Trinity

I love the teas from Tea etc. You really get to see what the plants look like that your drinking. They have bold distinct flavor, and I love getting little samples along with my order. It makes me feel like you are excited to share with me something you really enjoy, and that is very personable. thanks. Trinity Jenkins

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