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Jasmine Leaf

Jasmine Leaf
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A sweet, aromatic Chinese Green Tea traditionally scented with Jasmine petals. The light, smooth brew has been enjoyed for centuries and continues to be a favorite.

Jasmine Leaf Tea Type: Green Tea

Ingredients: scented green tea

Origin of Jasmine Leaf : Fuzhou, China

Jasmine Leaf Caffeine Strength:

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User reviews

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a tea for the senses (Tuesday, April 01, 2014)
Reviewer: Diane

This is my most favorite tea of late. I love the aroma and the lightness of this tea. I sip on this tea and smile

Excellent (Monday, March 31, 2014)
Reviewer: Angelito

The Jasmine Leaf Green Tea has an awesome taste and I would buy it again in a future order.

Lovely aroma, mild taste (Saturday, September 07, 2013)
Reviewer: Jillian

This tea has a lovely aroma of jasmine. The jasmine flavor is too mild for my taste. I prefer a bolder jasmine flavor. It's still a nice lightly flavored green tea, just doesn't suit my taste.

Jasmine (Friday, August 09, 2013)
Reviewer: jen

I think this Jasmine tea is a great netural tea. Jasmine has a lovely flavor that is good on its own or combined. I find it to be a bit more robust but not in a bitter way. It is quite soothing

jasmine tea (Monday, June 17, 2013)
Reviewer: mary

this is the first jasmine tea , all family members enjoy light mild and still just the right amount of flavor

Jasmine (Monday, April 01, 2013)
Reviewer: jennifer

I love jasmine. It is by far one of my favorite flavors and this tea is delicious by far. Can be paired with another flavor for iced or just perfect on it's own hot. Delicious! A little goes a long way with jasmine as it is full bodied and so flavorfull

Jasmine leaf (Monday, February 25, 2013)
Reviewer: Margaret

This by far my favorite tea. I have it every morning and it just starts my day.

Jasmine Green Tea (Wednesday, September 05, 2012)
Reviewer: Heidi Oser

Love this tea, it is most delicious and I drink it hot and cold.

Jasmine Leaf Green Tea (Saturday, June 23, 2012)
Reviewer: Heidi

Love the flavor - it's southing and I also drink it with ice cubes - delicious

Jasmine Green Tea (Wednesday, May 02, 2012)
Reviewer: Brady

This is my treat, whether in the morning or in the evening while watching tv or reading. I love the delicate fragrance and flavor.

Loved this Garden! (Tuesday, January 10, 2012)
Reviewer: Diane

This tea is so yummy. I love the fragrance. It reminds me of an English Garden. The tes is smooth and light.

Jasmine leaf Green tea (Saturday, November 05, 2011)
Reviewer: Karen

Love the scent of the jasmine...a very soothing tea, rich in flavor.

Excellent. (Wednesday, May 25, 2011)
Reviewer: Nate

Very smooth and aromatic. I have a cup of this liquid gold every morning, and I think I'm spoiled for other jasmine teas. Very much recommended.

Delicious (Saturday, February 05, 2011)
Reviewer: TMcG

I steer pretty clear of teas that have sweet flavorings added, but I truly love the taste and scent of Jasmine Leaf. It's wonderful after dinner, or later in the evening as a soothing, meditative treat.

Jasmine Leaf Green Tea (Sunday, December 05, 2010)
Reviewer: Eileen

I order this for a friend who wanted a green tea with a little natural sweetness. She is very pleased with the order.

Lovely fragrance (Saturday, December 04, 2010)
Reviewer: Karen

I really enjoy the fragrance. It has a bit of the perfume taste, but not like some of the jasmine teas.

Lovely Jasmine Tea (Tuesday, November 09, 2010)
Reviewer: Punit

I have tried various Jasmine Teas, but none have been as perfect as this one. When infused, it gives a mild jasmine fragrance and flavour. Some teas overpower the tea itself and give out such a strong fragrance that it spoils the fun of having tea. But this one, is just a perfect blend making it a lovely light / mild jasmine green tea. going to buy bigger quantity next time

Great Jasmine flavor (Sunday, September 12, 2010)
Reviewer: Michelle

I usually only drink the organic Jasmine Pearls but have been unable to get it. This one is a perfect alternative, very Jasmin-E.

Lovely scent (Wednesday, August 11, 2010)
Reviewer: Sharon

Jasmine pearl tea has a nice light flavor with a relaxing, nice scent. Just the thing for a quiet afternoon.

nice tea (Wednesday, July 14, 2010)
Reviewer: Rita

This is a very nice jasmine green tea. Not too flowery, not to mache. Highly recommend

a very nice green tea (Friday, June 25, 2010)
Reviewer: Janice

I like this jasmine tea, but have to say that I am sticking with jasmine pearl.

delicate and floral (Monday, June 14, 2010)
Reviewer: cheryl

I happen to love jasmine tea. The floral notes are a perfect complement to green tea. It's probably important to avoid overheating the water to protect the jasmine taste. I wish this was organic.

Just OK (Wednesday, June 09, 2010)
Reviewer: Lynn

I didn't love this tea. I didn't really like the Jasmine flavor, but I gave it to my mom and she loved it. Definitely a flowery taste.

one of my favorites (Wednesday, May 05, 2010)
Reviewer: jennifer

Jasmine is one of my favorite teas and this one is the best!

Jasmine green tea (Sunday, May 02, 2010)
Reviewer: teresa

This is the best tea ever..I drink A LOT of green tea and this is by far my favorite. It has a wonderful aroma, sweet mild flavor that enlivens the senses. I love it!

Jasmine Green Tea (Sunday, March 21, 2010)
Reviewer: Tammy

I will only drink this tea when I have the time to properly enjoy the flavor, and what a flavor it is! This tea has a wonderful jasmine aroma and the perfect sweet jasmine taste. One of my all time favorites!

Jasmine Green Tea (Sunday, January 31, 2010)
Reviewer: Joanna

I ordered this tea for the first time and was delightfully surprised by its wonderful jasmine flavor, similar to the tea served in a Chinese restaurant I go to up in New Hampshire. Thank you again Teas, Etc.

Good (Tuesday, January 12, 2010)
Reviewer: Sheri

This tea was a little too 'potporrish' for a green tea. Still good nonetheless, I just think I'd buy a different green in the future.

Jasmine Green tea (Wednesday, December 23, 2009)
Reviewer: Yong

This is good tea. Just the right amount of Jasmine; not overpowering.

pleasing scent was a plus.. (Thursday, November 05, 2009)
Reviewer: shary

I don't usually go for green/herbal teas, and I had a feeling I was going to be on the fence with this one. It smells amazing- but the taste is just not for me. I was never into flowery or fruit tea. Oh well! Still smells great!

good, for a Jasmine tea (Tuesday, September 08, 2009)
Reviewer: Karolina

as far as jasmine teas go, it was very tasty, but I'm not a big fan of jasmine teas because they smell like perfume, and the smell seems to be stronger than the taste

jasmine green tea (Saturday, July 25, 2009)
Reviewer: teresa

what a beautiful aroma...I mix this with my jasmine pearls and it is absolutely delightful. God gave us these wonderful flowers, I believe, as a treat. And what a treat it is..

Wonderful! (Saturday, July 18, 2009)
Reviewer: Stefanie

Sometimes I just open the bag to breathe in the light jasmine scent! I start my mornings with this tea--just a little caffeine and a sweet taste to start my day.

Delightful (Thursday, May 07, 2009)
Reviewer: Michelle

I have always been a fan of the organic jasmine tea but you were out when I placed my order. No disappointment at all with this tea. The Jasmine is ever so fragrant on the tongue and the green tea a smooth delight. I'll be buying more of this tea.

Jasmine Green Tea (Tuesday, February 17, 2009)
Reviewer: Brady

This is extraordinary! The fragrance is so wonderful and is like drinking a cup of jasmine flowers!

Excellent (Saturday, January 03, 2009)
Reviewer: Michael

Wonderful blend of Jasmine and green tea. We serve this to guests who do not normally drink tea and they love it. No bitterness, just a soothing aromatic tea.

Buy in quantity (Sunday, November 09, 2008)
Reviewer: Connie

This is a tea, that is so simple but never fails to please. Quickly becoming one of my first choices, I serve it to customers all the time, and they always love it. Good for serving when you are not sure what will please someone. I love it, and never buy enough. It's sweet and soothing.

light and sweet (Saturday, November 01, 2008)
Reviewer: Lynne

This tea is light in flavour and the jasmine gives it a sweetness.

Jasmine Green Tea (Wednesday, May 14, 2008)
Reviewer: Lynne

I do not usually like teas with flavouring added, but this tea has such a fresh bright aroma that it is irresistable. It is a nice tea for hot Florida days, sweet and light!

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