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Florescent green color is the first unique quality of Kukicha. The taste is the second!
Fresh, bright character with grassy, yellow notes and remarkable aroma makes this tea unforgettable.

Sometimes referred to as 'twig tea or stalk tea' (not to be confused with a brown 'twig tea' that is nothing like real Kukicha) this yummy brew is delicious hot or iced and one of Beth's personal favorites.

Kukicha does come from the stalk fractions produced from picking Gyokuro and Sencha Japanese green teas. The leaves go on to make up those teas while the stalk fractions are processed into Kukicha. The long thin shape and bright color is unmistakable.

Kukicha Tea Type: Green Tea

Ingredients: green tea

Origin of Kukicha : Japan

Kukicha Caffeine Strength:

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User reviews

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Kukicha (Wednesday, February 08, 2012)
Reviewer: Marion

One of my favorite teas is green tea. Kukicha is wonderful. It is smooth, light and perfect for an evening cup or mug of tea. I highly recommend it even if the cost is a little high.

wake-up taste (Wednesday, November 30, 2011)
Reviewer: Sue

This kukicha has the stimulating taste of Japanese green tea, which is my favorite, with the buttery essence of a higher grade tea. It's my favorite to wake up to each morning.

Best green tea (Monday, September 19, 2011)
Reviewer: Marion

I am a huge tea drinker and have tried many green teas. Kukicha has the smoothest and mildest taste of any green tea I have ever tried. It is by far my favorite and I would highly recommend it to anyone who favors green tea over black tea.

Absolutely Delicious (Tuesday, June 21, 2011)
Reviewer: Constance

aaahhh! That's my contented sigh after taking my first sip of this tea. Absolutely delicious and my favorite green tea. It's the perfect blend - grassy, but not overpowering, just a touch of sweetness, and not too bitter like some green teas can get. I drink this tea when I want to treat myself and have a nice relaxing morning and I have to drink it in a clear or white cup to get the full effect of it's bright green color!

Kukicha (Wednesday, May 04, 2011)
Reviewer: Penelope

After trying a number of different teas, Kukicha is by far and away my favorite. As Summer approaches I have been experimenting with Ginger slices and or mint sprigs added...delicious hot or cold.Endless pleasures for the pallet + for the health conscious, a brilliant way to absorb those antioxidants.

Friendly Flavor (Saturday, March 12, 2011)
Reviewer: John

This tea is warming from the inside out. Good for the afternoon.

One of my Green Tea favorites (Wednesday, August 04, 2010)
Reviewer: Diane

I originally ordered this based on the desciption. It has become a staple for me. A nice mild green tea.

A nice light tea (Wednesday, July 21, 2010)
Reviewer: Diane

This is a nice tea to have before bedtime or after a heavy meal. My husband even will drink this to help him sleep. Definitely a staple in our tea selection.

Kukicha (Friday, May 28, 2010)
Reviewer: Chris

A nice green tea with a real earthy flavor. I have been able to get about four brews with each serving. I really enjoy this one!

The best Green Tea ever! (Monday, July 13, 2009)
Reviewer: Windus

My husband had decided he wanted to switch from a black tea to a green tea in an effort to drink less caffeine each day. We bought a sample of 3 green teas, I liked this one so much, I am even phasing out coffee. Just so much flavor, not bitter, doesn't need any sweetening.

The Queen of Green Teas (Friday, April 24, 2009)
Reviewer: Jack

This kukicha, unlike any I've ever tasted, is the real McCoy. It's often described as grassy and strong, but I'd characterize it more as "winey" and full of flavor. Be careful of brewing temperature and don't overbrew it and it will reward you with the true taste of green tea.

Bright and tasty hot (Saturday, April 26, 2008)
Reviewer: Shad

I enjoyed a cup of kukicha in my new travel mug and I have to say that I enjoyed the bright and grassy tasting tea. It has a natural taste with distinguishable aroma. It was nice to enjoy a good tea that didn't have a strong kick to it. Looking forward to more cups of kukicha.

Kukicha Review (Thursday, April 24, 2008)
Reviewer: Patricia

This is a very strong green tea both in flavor and in scent.

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