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Lemon Ginger Snap Organic

Lemon Ginger Snap Organic
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This is a Top 10 seller! An uplifting combo is tasty and invigorating. Delicious hot or iced this has quickly become a favorite house blend. The numerous positive benefits of green tea and the stomach soothing properties of ginger makes this a great selection hot or iced.

Lemon Ginger Snap Organic Tea Type: Green Tea

Ingredients: organic green tea, organic ginger root, organic lemon grass, organic lemon mytle

Origin of Lemon Ginger Snap Organic : Anhui, China

Lemon Ginger Snap Organic Caffeine Strength:

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3 & 16 oz
black reseal bags

USDA Organic Certification Why Buy Organic? QCS Organic Certificate

User reviews

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Lemon Ginger Snap (Monday, August 05, 2013)
Reviewer: Maureen

a nice tea...found it had more lemon flavor than ginger...would have liked more ginger flavor as I am a big fan of ginger, but will enjoy this tea

Addicting (Sunday, July 28, 2013)
Reviewer: Cassidy

Refreshing, light, perfect blend of spices I am addicted to this green tea blend! Also works great cold brewed overnight! I can see why it is a top 10 seller!

Gingery! (Thursday, April 18, 2013)
Reviewer: Alison

Very strong ginger and lemon flavor. Good hot or iced.

lemon ginger snap (Tuesday, March 19, 2013)
Reviewer: Susie

Love it. Calming to the stomach. Helps with GERD.! Made me feel like I was somewhere warm and sunny.. not Ohio in the winter.

Green Tea with great flavor! (Wednesday, February 20, 2013)
Reviewer: Charlene

ENjoyed a green tea, iced, at a sidewalk bistro. Waitress said it was blended for them - ginger and lemon. I searched for those flavors and found them with Teas, Etc. My husband and I enjoy it with breakfast every morning. It is a pleasant tea just packed with flavor.

would buy again (Friday, February 15, 2013)
Reviewer: Steven

Great taste of ginger

Did not like (Saturday, February 02, 2013)
Reviewer: Amy

I did not care for this tea, the lemon and ginger were too strong and spicy for me, but taste is a personal thing. Although I love cooking with lemon, and lemon desserts, I do not like lemon in my hot or iced tea, so I guess it's no surprise I didn't like this.

Just okay (Monday, January 21, 2013)
Reviewer: Lorie

I was expecting more depth in flavor

lemon ginger snap (Wednesday, December 19, 2012)
Reviewer: Maria

love this tea. hot or cold id delicious

One of my favorites, especially if you are battling a cold (Thursday, December 06, 2012)
Reviewer: Kristina

This is one of my favorites, especially if you are battling a cold.

Great taste (Monday, September 10, 2012)
Reviewer: Steven

Can really taste the ginger

LOVE THIS GREEN TEA (Monday, June 25, 2012)
Reviewer: Joanna

I love the taste of lemon ginger snap which I have been ordering for at least 3 years now. One of my favorite green teas. Reminds me of a ginger snap cookie.

Lemon Ginger Snap Tea (Friday, April 13, 2012)
Reviewer: Panda

Good taste, very good for digestive issues.

Great Taste (Wednesday, March 14, 2012)
Reviewer: Steven

I loved the taste of the Ginger.

Lovely Blend (Wednesday, February 29, 2012)
Reviewer: Wendy

I ordered this by suggestion from the woman who answered the phone here. I drink it iced, and love the blend.

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