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Jasmine Silver Needle Organic

Jasmine Silver Needle Organic
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A Chinese Silver Needle organic all bud white tea that is scented with the aroma of fresh Jasmine blossoms.

Artfully scented, this tea achieves the proper balance between the sweetness of organic Jasmine and the delicate, airy base of organic Bai Hao Silver Needle.

Soft floral tones with the simplicity of traditional silver needle white tea character make this a very popular choice.

Cupping Notes:

Dry Leaf: Single plucked unfurled leaf buds are green with silver hues; long downy buds.

Wet Leaf: Slightly unfurled leaf buds transition to olive green color with copper hues. Aroma of fresh blooming jasmine flowers.

Liquor: Pale yellow, bright, vibrant color with no clouding. Down from the bud can find its way into the cup.

Cup Character: Sweet notes of jasmine on the front, good balance between the jasmine and the woodiness of the Bai Hao Silver Needle. Good, tantalizing mouth feel lingers which is indicative of a quality tea.

Jasmine Silver Needle Organic Tea Type: White Tea

Ingredients: organic white tea (jasmine scented silver needle)

Origin of Jasmine Silver Needle Organic : Fujian, China

Jasmine Silver Needle Organic Caffeine Strength:

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