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This unique Chinese oolong tea is stimulating to the body yet discreet on the palate.

The lovely combination of lightly oxidized green oolong and invigorating ginseng is well proportioned and pleasingly refreshing.

Ginseng Tea Type: Oolong Tea

Ingredients: oolong tea, licorice root powder, eluthera root

Origin of Ginseng : Fujian Province, China

Ginseng Caffeine Strength:

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Ginseng Oolong (Monday, May 05, 2014)
Reviewer: Lisa

At first I was worried that the licorice powder would impart a really strong flavor, but I really didn't get any licorice notes at all — the tea is really light and delicate, almost like a white tea. I'm used to more robust and deeply-flavored oolongs, so this unique flavor profile is really nice in my collection.

Invigorating and not overwelming (Tuesday, March 04, 2014)
Reviewer: Iryna

I changed my mind about this tea. Now it's one of my favorite! I always loved black teas the best because of their strength, but now I have learned about oolong teas - blended with herbs they are wonderful but not overpowerful.

interesting tea (Tuesday, September 24, 2013)
Reviewer: matt

i ordered this based on it being an award winner. i wasnt disappointed. a rich flavored oolong that helped wake me up in the morning.

Not My Favorite (Saturday, August 31, 2013)
Reviewer: Sherry

This is not my favorite oolong tea. It does not have enough flavor for me.

Not so great (Tuesday, June 18, 2013)
Reviewer: Iryna

The shape of those tea balls stays the same after brewing, which I dont't like [they don't expand]. It doesn't look like tea and it doesn't have any interesting sent in it. Not my cup of tea!

Oolong Surprise (Monday, September 17, 2012)
Reviewer: Anthony

It's no surprise this simple yet extraordinary tea won the 2011 Tea Championship. Ginsing Oolong was a big surprise for me as I did not expect its duo of ingredients to create such dynamic flavor and vivacity. I have witnessed many people be delightfully enlisted to the Ginsing Oolong fan club.

Love it (Friday, February 24, 2012)
Reviewer: jason

This is my goto. Smooth Oolong with the kick of Ginseng. It may be low caffeine but it certainly packs a kick.

Nice! (Wednesday, December 28, 2011)
Reviewer: Andrew

I really enjoy this tea in the afternoon. The pellets are different. Only thing is I wish there was more ginseng included in the blend.

ginseng oolong (Sunday, August 28, 2011)
Reviewer: colleen

Very nice tea! Only suggestion would be to have the ginseng come in bigger pieces- as shown in the photo. Now it is very fine and sometimes goes through the mesh into the mug. Lovely taste.

Amazing (Thursday, March 17, 2011)
Reviewer: Ashleigh

This is my favorite tea so far. I love how full of flavor it is and it smells delicious.

Different (Saturday, March 12, 2011)
Reviewer: Jamie

My first oolong tea so I do not have much to compare it to, but it is still worth giving it a go!

ginseng oolong (Friday, January 21, 2011)
Reviewer: Roland

Just got the sample and WOW, I really like this tea. You just brew and drink and it makes you feel so good. I'm ordering this one. Thanks, Roland

Good, rounded flavor (Tuesday, December 28, 2010)
Reviewer: Amanda

This tea is pretty nifty - it’s sweet and woodsy and comforting and refreshing… And for some reason I really like the sound the little pellets make as I toss them into my teapot so that's a bonus! :)

My favorite (Sunday, September 12, 2010)
Reviewer: Michelle

Hands down this is my FAVORITE tea.

Ginseng Oolong (Wednesday, August 11, 2010)
Reviewer: marion isaackson

I am an avid tea drinker and found this one of the best Oolong's I've had. It has a sweet smooth taste that is marvelous.

Toasty and Invigorating--Great for the Travel Mug! (Friday, May 07, 2010)
Reviewer: Stephanie

Scent: Faintly like fresh hay and green leaves. Some sweetness. Taste: Sweet and refreshing!! Very root-like with some fresh green earth. This has been steeping for awhile in my travel mug, so the taste is a bit toasty too. I really like this tea—I like its sweet earthy green-ness. And it looks strangely cool also—like little dusty green pebbles of tea. They stay predominantly pebble-y while brewing too, with just a couple here and there gaining the courage to unfurl.

Very good (Monday, April 05, 2010)
Reviewer: Jodi

I agree with the description on this tea, it is surprisingly refreshing. I would recommend this as a morning tea.

The Best (Friday, April 02, 2010)
Reviewer: marion

The Ginseng Oolong tea has a wonderful smooth taste. It is one of my favorites and can see why it won an award.

Ginseng Oolong (Sunday, March 21, 2010)
Reviewer: Tammy

What a flavorful, refreshing tea! The flavor stays through several steeps, a perfect pick-me-up for those Monday morning blues.

Ginseng Oolong (Thursday, February 18, 2010)
Reviewer: debbie

absolutely outstanding!!!!!!

Cool looking little pebbles of tea! (Sunday, February 14, 2010)
Reviewer: Stephanie

I'm surpised how much I enjoyed drinking this tea! The taste is refreshing and mild and a bit "root-like". It was my introduction to oolong tea and it was a great first impression. So, thanks for the sample--I will be ordering more!

Oolong and Ginseng tea (Saturday, February 13, 2010)
Reviewer: Nortoria

This tea was awesome with it smooth taste and texture. If measured and steeped correctly, you will enjoy this tea to the fullest, I sure did.

long ooohs (Tuesday, January 26, 2010)
Reviewer: Jim

What a unique tea, this organic oolong. I'm typically a black tea drinker, but this sample you sent was really mild yet interesting. It may get me out of my "black hole."

A very pleasant surprise (Saturday, January 16, 2010)
Reviewer: Katie

I wasn't sure about this tea at first because they look like little pebbles and sound like them to when they hit the strainer! What a pleasant surprise though. The leaves don't really open up much, but this tea has a gorgeous taste. So clean and healthy and the perfect strength. I just bought some more!

My favorite Oolong so far (Friday, January 08, 2010)
Reviewer: Diane

Wow,I loved this. You included this as a sample on a recent order and it is a definite keeper. I'm saving the label so I remember what it is!

Interesting Tea (Sunday, December 13, 2009)
Reviewer: Elizabeth

This is high-quality green oolong with a refreshing, naturally sweet flavor. the nuttiness of the oolong really compliments the taste of ginseng! Holds up to several steeps.

EXCELLENT! (Monday, November 09, 2009)
Reviewer: Lesley

The best Oolong tea I've ever tasted! Oh yeah...Thanks for the great customer service!

Ginseng Oolong (Thursday, October 22, 2009)
Reviewer: Anthony

this tea is so wonderfull and makes my body feel so good inside, your teas seem to keep getting better every time i order, thanks teas etc.

Favorite tea (Monday, July 13, 2009)
Reviewer: Elisabeth

I love oolong tea and this is one of my favorites. You can tell it is a good quality tea. My husband would buy me tea in China and this comes very close to the teas he would buy in their tea shops. I'm already on my second bag!

Never comes undone (Thursday, May 07, 2009)
Reviewer: Michelle

I'm amazed at how this tightly rolled tea doesn't come undone. The flavor is good and get a little bitter when steeped too long which I tend to do by choice. Still it's a good tea and good for you too.

Very good tea (Sunday, August 24, 2008)
Reviewer: asp

I had some ginseng oolong while studying abroad in China and came back to the states longing for it. I was excited to try this and it is a very good tea but it is not exactly like the tea I had before, which was like instant exhilaration. Well worth the price though and I will likely buy it again. Thank you.

A sweet cup (Monday, August 04, 2008)
Reviewer: Susan

This makes a pleasant cup of tea, not to strong, not too weak. A good alternative to regular tea. Beth's description of the tea is pretty much what you get. :)

Finalist no surprise (Wednesday, May 28, 2008)
Reviewer: Veda

I'm not surprised Ginseng oolong is a finalist in the World tea competition. It's my favorite oolong due to it's unique, crisp, and balanced flavor. The leaves are so tight and easily tolerate several infusions making it a bargain buy!

Very Good (Saturday, May 10, 2008)
Reviewer: Michelle

I like this tea. I was surprised that the leaves did not unfurl, wasn't a problem taste is very good.

Good Oolong With Lots of Flavor (Saturday, April 26, 2008)
Reviewer: Shad

The ginseng oolong that I received is flavorful and refreshing. I enjoyed a cup of this tea which I received in the premium oolong sampler. I'm a fan of oolongs and this is a good one to try out.

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