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Raspberry Rose Petal

Raspberry Rose Petal
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One of our most popular herbal blends for icing, this is a bold, mouth watering blend of dried fruit and flowers.

Experiment to create an interesting party punch by brewing and mixing with ginger ale, sparkling soda or even sherbets and sorbet.

Raspberry Rose Petal Tea Type: Herbals

Ingredients: hibiscus flower, lemon peel, red rose petals, rose hips, apple pieces, natural flavor

Raspberry Rose Petal Caffeine Strength:

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give it a try (Tuesday, March 20, 2012)
Reviewer: Shary

I'm not the biggest fan of floral/fruit tea but this wasn't a bad taste combination, very interesting and was glad to give it a shot. Not something I can drink all the time though like my beloved coconut custard =)

Great Iced (Monday, March 12, 2012)
Reviewer: Wendy

This is my first time trying this tea. I loved it. It has a bit of a floral taste, but not too strong. I would definitely buy it again.

Best served cold (Sunday, March 11, 2012)
Reviewer: Alison

This tea is nice hot, but is definitely better iced. The flavors pop more when the tea is cold.

Not so much (Wednesday, February 29, 2012)
Reviewer: WENDY

Maybe I got a bad batch, but it was not a bright color, I usually use a tablespoon, instead of a teaspoon of tea when I do it iced because it gets watered down over the ice. However this tea I even used 2 tablespoons and hardly had any flavor. One time I let it sit for 20 minutes thinking that would be better (I usually let sit for 5 - 8 minutes) Will not be buying this again.

Sweet and sour! (Wednesday, January 11, 2012)
Reviewer: Tiffany

This is just the right blend of sweetness with just a bit of a puckering finish. I like this one in the evening if I need a hot cup but don't want any caffeine. My husband (very new to tea and tisanes) loves this one too! I love the suggestion to add to punch-I think this will be a great addition to my sangria!

FABULOUS! (Tuesday, September 13, 2011)
Reviewer: RENEE

I am an iced tea addict and I found my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow here at for iced tea mixes. I used to shop here a few years ago but strayed to other tea sites. After becoming an iced tea addict, nothing could really satisfy like the teas here so I'm back never to stray again (lol). I take this raspberry rose petal tea and mix it with their mixed berries iced tea *and* some chinese orange pekoe in my instant iced teamaker with sweetener and BAM...the fruity and flowery flavors are unreal!! Try this tea (and the mixed berry one). I like a little black tea in the mix because I love the flavor of it with the fruit. Just works for me!

Addicted! (Saturday, September 03, 2011)
Reviewer: Karen

I love love love raspberry rose tea. The first time I tasted it, I tossed out all of my crystal lite. This herbal tea has a full flavor and silky texture that makes my mouth happy. The rose is not too strong and the raspberry gives it a pop. I make it into iced tea that I always have to have in my refrigerator. When my supply gets low, I get nervous that I may run out, but since I found teas etc, I know I never have to run out ever again! Thank you, teas etc, for supplying this amazing tea!

beautiful in Tea Traveler or Glass teapot (Tuesday, February 08, 2011)
Reviewer: Judy

Great herbal with wonderful blend of flavors. I do two infusions when making iced tea. When serving hot, it is absolutely beautiful in my glass teapot -- guests love to gaze as the tea brews. I also like to use this in my Tea Traveler -- adding water to it during the day. Get lots of compliments on the appearance of the tea in the Traveler.

Raspberry Rose Petal (Sunday, January 16, 2011)
Reviewer: Svetlana

I highly recommend this tea for those who like sweet, flavorful and soothing tea with plenty of taste.

Yum! (Sunday, January 09, 2011)
Reviewer: Stephanie

I enjoyed the very tangy taste! I also enjoyed the smell from the tea. I am not usually a fan of herbal teas, but this was pleasant!

My Favorite! (Sunday, December 26, 2010)
Reviewer: Leslie

This will always be my favorite tea! It's sweet and yummy! I highly recommend this tea for those who like sweet, flavorful teas.

Summer in a teapot (Friday, December 03, 2010)
Reviewer: Kathleen

I love raspberry tea and have tried several brands. Tea,Etc. has, by far, the best product in its Raspberry Rose Petal tea. The tea brews to an amazing color and clean fruit-floral taste. I am giving this tea to my daughters this Christmas. It will remind them of summer days when the scent of red raspberries and roses fill our yard; a warming thought when the thermometer is showing single digits.

great tea (Wednesday, October 27, 2010)
Reviewer: Dyan

this is the best tea!!

Raspberry Rose Petal (Saturday, July 31, 2010)
Reviewer: Tammy

This tea has become my new favorite herbal! It is delicious hot or cold and pairs wonderfully with your Rosy Earl Grey.

Spectacular iced. (Tuesday, June 29, 2010)
Reviewer: WENDY

This is perfect for shaking up with ice , but do not let it sit for more than 5 minutes or it can be a little bitter, which is unusual for herbal teas.

This is still my favorite! (Thursday, April 01, 2010)
Reviewer: Leslie

This is by far my favorite tea from Teasetc or anyone else! It's flavorful and soothing with plenty of taste. It's not overwhelming rasberry or rose but a lovely combination that just makes your mouth sing!

#1 tea at teasetc! (Tuesday, February 23, 2010)
Reviewer: Leslie

I've tried all the caffeine free teas on this site and this is by far my favorite. It has a sweet and tangy taste that is just fabulous! It's red color is even pretty to look at as you sip this perfect combination of berry and rose and apple. It's perfect after dinner instead of that fattening dessert or on a cold, rainy day to warm you up and sweeten you up!

My Favorite! (Saturday, February 06, 2010)
Reviewer: Leslie

I had some loose tea that I found at an exclusive spa and it was so wonderful, I bought it. Of course, they don't offer it any more so I've been searching everywhere to replace it. Teas, etc. had this rasberry rose petal that seemed close, so I tried it. It's even better than what I got at this exclusive spa! It's color is richer, the tase is a bit sweeter and more full bodied. It is absolutely wonderful. I drink it in the evening after a cold, dreary day and it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over. I'm sure it would be good iced, as well. It's just yummy!

Raspberry Rose Petal fruity and beautiful (Thursday, October 30, 2008)
Reviewer: Joan

I tried this tea and enjoyed both the strong tangy fruit bouquet and taste and the beautiful color of the tea in my clear tea cup.

Ahhh! (Tuesday, June 24, 2008)
Reviewer: Rebecca

I just got my order yesterday and am on my third sampling from the 5 I ordered. I really like the raspberry rose petal and can't wait to try it iced. It doesn't even need any sweetener.The ruby color is gorgeous too!

so far the best (Thursday, April 24, 2008)
Reviewer: Betsy

So far this is my favorite...I will fill it several over and over during the day. Boiling water in the morning. Then hot or cold as the day goes on.

Amazing (Sunday, March 30, 2008)
Reviewer: Connie

This is another tea I can't keep in stock. It is great for people who want zero caffeine, and its so tasty. The color is amazing, a bright red/orange vibrant brew, just lovely in a thermos or glass tea pot. We also use it to mix with other teas, that may be good for us, but not at a taste we prefer. This is also a great blend for kids. They love it. One friend blends this with their Puerh for health. Great Blend, Connie

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