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Pu'erh Leaf Organic

Pu'erh Leaf Organic
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The USDA Certified Organic leaf Pu'erh tea has the body and character of black tea but it's the medicinal properties that are thought to be present that set it apart.

In China this tasty tea has long been used as a powerful digestive aid and natural detoxifier. But even more remarkable is the suggested cholesterol lowering benefits that have been experienced by so many.

Pu'erh Leaf Organic Tea Type: Pu'erh

Ingredients: Organic pu'erh tea

Origin of Pu'erh Leaf Organic : Yunnan, China

Pu'erh Leaf Organic Caffeine Strength:

+ Pu'erh Brewing Tips

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USDA Organic Certification Why Buy Organic? QCS Organic Certificate

User reviews

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Smooth and Dark (Saturday, August 22, 2015)
Reviewer: Andre

Woodsy composty aroma with a earthy robust flavor. Great to get your morning started or as an after meal digestive.

Smooth tea (Tuesday, March 17, 2015)
Reviewer: Sharon

This is the first time I have tried Pu'erh tea. I really like it. It's very smooth and not bitter at all. Very enjoyable!

Great pu'erh (Wednesday, December 03, 2014)
Reviewer: Charles

This is a very earthy tea, in a good way in my opinion. A nice coffee substitute

Contemplation time... (Friday, May 09, 2014)
Reviewer: stephen

This is the perfect apre lunch tea. It has a formidable deep rich and complex flavor best appreciated just as it is. It is quite stimulating and always gives a good push into an afternoon of focused activity.

Unique Earthy flavor (Thursday, March 20, 2014)
Reviewer: Sudesh

A friend gave it to me because he didn't like the flavor. After a tries, it grew on me. However I must say its not for everyone. A teaspoon of brown sugar adds to the unique earthy flavor.

My Favorite Tea (Monday, October 07, 2013)
Reviewer: Susie

Pu'erh tea is pretty much the only tea I drink - I love the taste of this tea - and I really love the benefits I get from drinking it every day.

Yummy Pu'erh! (Wednesday, July 03, 2013)
Reviewer: Richard

My very favorite tea in the world is Pu'erh and I usually order bricks from China. I decided to try the Pu'erh Leaf Organic from Teas, Etc. and it more than holds its own. Deep, rich, complex flavor at a very reasonable price. Will definitely order again.

One of My Favorites (Tuesday, June 11, 2013)
Reviewer: Sherry

Pu'erh is my favorite morning tea, both for the taste and the health benefits. This is probably my favorite pu'erh. It is full-bodied.

taste different (Saturday, May 18, 2013)
Reviewer: sarah

the taste of this tea is a aquired taste and smell and nothing to write home about but the best thing about this tea is does calm your stomache and it does bring down you bad cholestrol

not just me (Saturday, March 16, 2013)
Reviewer: sarah

Glad that I took the time to read other reviews because the smell is really not something you enjoy so therefore the taste is not so great..but I use a cup with a lid and add some sweetner and ginger and I am good to go..and the reason to do this is does reduce cholesterol must to my surprise. let face it the product is not in cheap...

Try citrus burst pu'erh (Wednesday, May 16, 2012)
Reviewer: Andrew

I like pu'erh for the health benefits but I think it smells and tastes funny by itself. The citrus burst is one of my favorite though.

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