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Chinese Character Tea Traveler®

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Brew loose leaf tea on the run with this easy-to-use 3 piece Tea Traveler®. Mug, infuser and lid screw together to make brewing and cleaning a snap. Keeps tea hot and hands cool.

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Tea Traveler® includes :
- 12.85 oz. BPA Free
- Stainless steel screw-on tea strainer
- Water tight lid

Chinese proverb on the front is loosely translated to "Art, poetry and fine teas will enrich your life".

Avoid over steeping your tea by brewing with slightly less tea and water that is not as hot as normal.

Category: Tea Travelers
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Chinese Character 12.85oz Tea Traveler®$21.95
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Manufacturer: Teas Etc

Capacity: 12.85 fl. oz. (1 1/2 cups)

Dimensions: 2.25" x 7.25" (h)

Box Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 7.5" (h)

User reviews

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Great for Work (Thursday, May 08, 2014)
Reviewer: Dawn

I have 2 of these now and I love using them at work. We have water dispensers that provide hot water. This works great for oolong teas. I love that I can re-brew the tea a couple times. These also work great for cold brewing. Put a good green tea and cold water in the traveler and put in the fridge overnight and you have a refreshing drink after a morning workout. I used the traveler to cold brew a green oolong in my cooler and the tea was amazingly refreshing after a long, hot kayaking trip.

the best invention ever (Monday, April 14, 2014)
Reviewer: Jennifer

I don't know what I did without the tea traveler. THis is by far the best thing for a tea drinker, besides tea! A must for anyone in your life who loves tea!

Never Leave Home Without It! (Monday, September 09, 2013)
Reviewer: Anne

Three years running and I'm still loving my tumbler. The new design is delightful, and it's such a relaxing addition to my night time routine of a hot herbal tea, a couple of nibbles and my favourite book or tv shows. If I'm meeting up with friends in a cafe, I take my tumbler empty and ask the server to fill it with their tea, and my friends have now caught on to the idea! It saves using disposable cups and the fact that it's BPA free is another bonus, I know I can use it again and again and not have to worry about anything toxic leeching into my tea.

The best invention (Thursday, August 29, 2013)
Reviewer: jen

These tea travelers are the most amazing things ever. What a concept! Take your tea anywhere and enjoy it no matter where life takes you!

great. (Monday, August 26, 2013)
Reviewer: Laura

I gave this to my dad and when i got him a new one because his was looking shabby he didnt want to let it good! priceless! :)

Love it - one of a kind! (Thursday, August 01, 2013)
Reviewer: Kelly Ann

I have owned and loved your 12.85 oz. Tea Traveler mug for several years since I first purchased it from a tea store in Seattle, WA, and it is still serving me well. The removable strainer is what makes this tumbler so ingenious - I haven't been able to find another design like this, and have been looking for your website for quite a while. I'm very glad I finally came across your site. I’m also extra happy the tumbler is BPA-free. Please keep making these Tea Traveler mugs! At this point they are the ONLY travel mugs I’ve found that can brew loose leaf tea properly without requiring the drinker to remove a hot, drippy tea basket (not something I want to deal with when I'm traveling) or deal with over-steeped tea. I take it everywhere, and it makes me happy that I can have perfect tea anywhere as long as there’s hot water available. This is definitely a must for tea lovers. I’m looking forward to purchasing a second, larger, 22 oz. mug (because, you know, you can never have too much tea)! P.S. Another drinker mentioned hot tea spilling on her when she opened it once. Hot water expands no matter what kind of container it’s in. Since the tumbler has a spill-proof seal, a little pressure might build with the hot water in it. Just open the lid SLOWLY, letting the pressure out gradually and you will be okay and won’t get anything hot spilled on you. I’ve experienced the same thing with other kinds of tea tumblers as well and opening the lid slowly always does the trick.

The perfect travel mug (Wednesday, July 24, 2013)
Reviewer: Frederic

Okay, I drink tea daily from a travel mug; while at university or at work, I always prefer to take my tea with me. I've tried all the models from David's Tea, but none come close to this one. It keeps your tea warm (During the winter, I drink my tea 2 hours following the infusion and it's perfect) without keeping it too hot like a thermos, and once you've tried loose leaf tea drinking, you'll never go back.

It's ok (Thursday, May 16, 2013)
Reviewer: Andrew

It's not bad, but I don't think I'd buy it again. You have to be really careful not to get tea in the lip or it leaks, but that's expected. My main complaint is that the plastic stains, is hard(er) to clean, and isn't as good to drink out of. I guess if you need something that won't break rolling around in your car, this works, but if you're looking for something to carry around the office I'd spend the extra $15 and get glass.

If you drink tea, you need this! (Monday, January 21, 2013)
Reviewer: Jennifer

I received this as a gift for Christmas this year. A most welcome gift indeed as it has not left my side since December 25th. I like it so much that I have already purchased another one and have them on my list for everyone's birthday this year. It's the best way to brew, drink, and enjoy any loose leaf tea. It's by far the most convenient traveler for tea that I have ever owned. I get comments on it everywhere I take it and everyone always wants to know what kind of delicious smelling and beautiful looking tea I am drinking.

Variety (Saturday, December 08, 2012)
Reviewer: Paul

Like the variety in decorations. This is a great way for us to keep track of our own Tea Traveler.

Perfect for the traveling tea drinker (Wednesday, November 28, 2012)
Reviewer: Jen

I travel a lot and love carrying this for tea on the go. It keeps the tea hot. It's easy to fill, use and clean later. It's also attractive and eye-catching, and I frequently get queries as I'm using it.

A Huge Hit (Friday, October 12, 2012)
Reviewer: Elsa

My husband & I saw someone with a tea traveler when we were on vacation a few years ago; when we asked about it, she just raved. I made a note to check out the website, and I ordered some as gifts. I have since placed 2 or 3 more orders (4 or 5 at a time). They are a hit with everyone I've given them to (and me too). Everyone loves them, and can't figure out why they are not being sold locally.

I'll try it (Tuesday, September 18, 2012)
Reviewer: Lady

Only 3 stars because I just now ordered it! This product caught my eye and heart immediately. I was initially looking for a tumbler that would allow me to re-use my tea leaves later on, but with the smallish size of this one I think I already drink quickly enough to get a couple cups out of the same batch (and to prevent over-brewing). It was strange that the woman in one of the videos suggested pouring your tea into another cup... Doesn't sound easy while on the go! Also, I like my tea HOT and STRONG, so I will not be using lower temps or less tea, as suggested. We'll see if it's the one for me. Excited for it to arrive in the mail!

Chinese character tea traveller (Monday, July 09, 2012)
Reviewer: Laura

I have bought two of these! they make for fantastic gifts and I use mine basically every day! the strainer is phenomenal and the three pieces make it so much easier to clean. if mine should ever break I know that I'll be getting a replacement ASAP.

what a wonderful product! (Tuesday, June 26, 2012)
Reviewer: Sarah

I have been on a search for the perfect travel mug and this is it! easy to clean, easy to carry. Initially concerned about the smaller size, I have to say I like it! Since I'm reusing the same leaves throughout the day and brewing at a lower temp, a smaller cup lets me finish the whole thing at the perfect temp. Shipping was fast and convenient. When a different lid color comes out I will be buying another one!

I LOVE IT (Monday, March 05, 2012)
Reviewer: Christine

This is by far one of the best tea tumblers I have come across and I spent hours searching reviews online. It is COMPLETELY leakproof and perfect to throw in my bag as I'm on the run. It is easy to clean, and so far it is indestructable (I've dropped a couple of times quite strongly and no breakage!). It can also be used for coffee or iced drinks (blocks the ice!). I use it almost every day and receive a lot of compliments from fellow looseleaf tea lovers. great price for such a great product.

obsessed with my tea traveler! (Wednesday, February 15, 2012)
Reviewer: martha

i found the tea traveler and teas etc. on pinterest and it was instant love. as a lover of loose leaf tea, i couldn't believe such a marvel existed and ordered right away. i have not been disappointed - the traveler never leaves my hands - it's perfect for on the go, or just working at home. i haven't had any problems with steeping different kinds of tea, and it keeps the tea hot. i have since purchased another as a gift for my sister who also loves it. the tea looks beautiful inside it as it steeps - it brings many questions and compliments. thank you beth and teas etc. for such wonderful customer service and quality products!

Best Travel Mug (Saturday, January 21, 2012)
Reviewer: Margo

Don't understand why a couple reviewers have had any problems with their mugs. I've had mine for over 3 months now and use it constantly from morning till night daily. It has never leaked when the seals were in place and lids screwed on. I have also dropped it from counter height to the tile covered cement floor. The top of the lid did come apart but I simply put it back into the lid and it has been fine since. Yes, it has gotten stained and I don't know the best answer to that problem. I do know the woman who owns the shop where I purchased it puts hers in the dishwasher and hers is as clear as a new one. I've bought several as back-ups in case I leave mine somewhere and as gifts. Never want to be without it!

:"( but :"D (Wednesday, January 18, 2012)
Reviewer: Sarah Ann

I miss my Tea Traveler. Accidentally left it on the bus on my way home from work, never to be seen again. Thankfully, remembered your name - so can now buy new! One of the things I love(d) most about my Traveler? Aside from the fact it brews wonderfully, it also attracts a lot of attention/makes for interesting conversation – positive, of course. Many are fascinated/curious as to what it is, especially when watching the jasmine pearls unfold - a "science experiment", some say. Really, I think it’s also a quirky/fun fashion accessory. I have used this mug for other beverages aside from just HOT tea - iced tea, water (especially while at the gym).. BEST, definitely. Over the years I've tried similar mugs/thermoses. None can hold a candle to the Tea Traveler – both brewing-wise and aesthetically.

Chinese Character Tea Traveler (Saturday, January 07, 2012)
Reviewer: Karen

Love, love, love my tea traveler mug...just wish it kept the tea hot longer!

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