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Teas Etc Tea TravelerŪ

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Ships May 7, 2014

The easy-to-use 100% BPA Free Tea TravelerŪ brews tea on-the-go.

Keeping hands cool and tea hot.

Mug, infuser and lid screw together to make brewing and cleaning a snap.

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Tea TravelerŪ includes :
- 12.85 oz. BPA Free
- Stainless steel screw-on tea strainer
- Water tight lid

Avoid over steeping your tea by brewing with slightly less tea and water that is not as hot as normal.

Category: Tea Travelers

Origin of Teas Etc Tea TravelerŪ : China
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Teas Etc Tea TravelerŪ$21.95
Number of Items:

Manufacturer: Teas Etc

Capacity: 12.85 fl. oz. (1 1/2 cups)

Dimensions: 2.25" x 7.25" (h)

Box Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 7.5" (h)

User reviews

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Best Ever (Friday, June 20, 2014)
Reviewer: Margret

This is the best tea traveler I have found yet. After you put your water in you can shake the traveler with the lid provided and it evenly distributes the tea leaves and brews it perfectly!

Tea Traveler's are the Best (Friday, August 09, 2013)
Reviewer: jen

These are the greatest things! The tea traveler is a perfect tea cup for home too because you can brew for one but keep brewing if you like. I bought several for each of my coworkers and each afternoon we have tea time and can brew individual flavors. The product is well made and great for on the go too. Does not get too hot and the lid fits well.

Still the best! (Saturday, July 06, 2013)
Reviewer: Anne

We moved to Australia a couple of years ago. I had been using my tea traveller almost daily until I misplaced it and had to find something else. NOTHING I found worked as well, so I eventually ordered a new one from Teas Etc. and I'm so glad I did! The size, design and ease of use work perfectly for my lifestyle. All my workmates and yoga buddies want one! Time to open a store downunder!

travel mug (Monday, April 01, 2013)
Reviewer: jennifer

This is the best idea out there. I love this so much. It is well made and super easy to use. I can travel in the car with it or just use it at work. This is a great gift idea for any tea lover

This is such a handy item. (Wednesday, March 06, 2013)
Reviewer: Roy

The Tea Traveler is so unique. Just add your favorite tea or combination and add hot water, steep and pour or take with you and enjoy as you drive or at work. It is so much easier than filling sealable tea bags or using infusers. Be sure to put your grounds in your compost. I have two of these vessels and use one in the morning and take one to work for later use.

It works! (Tuesday, January 29, 2013)
Reviewer: Joanie

I've tried other brewers/mugs before but they've always failed; usually letting small pieces of tea/fruit through. THIS ONE REALLY WORKS! I'm so happy I bought this. I actually bought it from a local store rather than nonlinear and I'm so glad I did.

Tea Traveler (Thursday, December 20, 2012)
Reviewer: William

I asked for my Tea Traveler as a gift after having read the great reviews on the product. I really wanted a brew-on-the-go container that was not glass, and this fits the bill perfectly.

Tea Traveler (Saturday, December 08, 2012)
Reviewer: Paul

My wife and I love the Tea Traveler! We bought several to give as gifts.

Great Brew (Saturday, December 08, 2012)
Reviewer: Paul

Love the brewing and different decorations on the traveler.

LOVE LOVE LOVE THE GREEN OPTION!! (Monday, July 09, 2012)
Reviewer: Laura

My mother's favourite colour is green and i got the chinese character tea traveler because of the red lid she fell in love with the green one and is having the same awesome results as me; SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT. It was the best gift ever and it never leaks! I think it's definitely a good idea to start creating different coloured lids!

Centre of Attention Everywhere! (Saturday, March 31, 2012)
Reviewer: Anne

I bought this at a homewares store in Canada before we migrated to Australia last year. Best beverage investment ever! It's been all over the world and is a great conversation piece. I work with kids and they love staring at the contents inside and swishing it around to make 'tornadoes'. I also love that it's bpa free so I don't have to worry about using it over and over (up to five times a day)!. Someone mentioned that they'd love a glass version. Not me. This thing has been dropped so many times that it wouldn't have lasted a week. It's simple yet effective, and easy to wash and clean and no parts to replace. Thanks so much for this clever cup!

Great mug, glass option? (Sunday, March 11, 2012)
Reviewer: Alison

I love my tea traveler mug, but I wish Teas Etc. offered a glass option as well. My plastic mug is getting scratched after three years of use, and a glass option would hold up better.

Brilliant! (Friday, December 23, 2011)
Reviewer: Tiffany

I have two of the new ones and one of the old. This is almost my exlcusive method of brewing. It is so easy to commute with this and I use it all day at the office and at home. I can just put in the tea I want for the day so I don't have to bring it separately. It doesn't leak so there is no mess in my bag.

Great Gifts (Saturday, December 03, 2011)
Reviewer: karen

I bought 2 for myself, loved them so much that I purchased at least 6 more to give as gifts. I love the fact that if the top is screwed on properly, I can throw it in my bag and not be concerned about leaking!

Traveler Tea Mug (Friday, October 28, 2011)
Reviewer: Tristan

Bought one (with Chinese characters) a few months ago for my wife and she absolutely loves it. She uses it everyday. She is buying one for her sister too. I guess they don't have the Chinese character mug anymore. The green lid mug which appears to be wider should work the same.

Clever (Wednesday, September 14, 2011)
Reviewer: karen

I'm not using the traveler to brew my tea as I'm concerned about oversteeping. I'm giving it 5 stars because it does what I purchased it (actually 2 of them) for perfectly. I brew my tea in my pot or gaiwan and pour several brews into the traveler. The mix of infusions is great and the traveler doesn't add any unwanted flavor to the tea. I love them - great for taking to the office!

Wonderful product! (Friday, September 09, 2011)
Reviewer: Barbara

I have the Chinese character mug plus the green lid mug. I love them both. I had gotten an insulated leakproof mug 1st, and the tea was just way to hot to enjoy - ended up continually burning my lips, mouth, etc. The Tea Traveler Mug is always at the perfect temperature.

Ms. (Monday, August 29, 2011)
Reviewer: Carolyn

A year ago I purchased a travel mug in order to more conveniently bring my "brew" to work. My boss, a physician, was fascinated and was constantly quizzing me so I gave him one along with a variety of teas I knew he would enjoy. He too loves his infusion cup. Then again just recently sent one (along w/teas) to a friend for her birthday. We all love our ability sip healthful teas at our own convenience. The cups are attractive, easy to use and clean. I love being able to fix a loose tea without the messy tea-balls while away from home.

Bought two (Sunday, July 03, 2011)
Reviewer: Elizabeth

bought 2 of these...gave one to my grandson as he headed off to Cornell and I kept it and use it every day

Best Tea Mug ever!! (Sunday, May 22, 2011)
Reviewer: Andrew

Not only is my Teas Etc mug awesome...your tea is amazing and I am taking a serious supply of your teas off to college with me.

Disappointment (Monday, May 02, 2011)
Reviewer: Stefanie

I have recently gotten into loose tea leaves and absolutely love it. I was really excited when I came across the teas etc travel mug. I needed something for my office that was not bulky and simply made a single cup of tea for me. The travel mug was perfect. I have been using it daily for some time now. Unfortunately just recently I had an incident with it that has caused a very bad burn to my hand. When opening the lid to the mug after steeping my tea it simply blow up and sprayed hot water all over me. The greatest injury occurred to my hand to which was holding the mug as the water came into contact with it. Sadly I am scared to use my mug and will do so with extreme caution but simply not applying the lid to it which in the end affects it as being used for a travel mug. I may l likely also seek out a different method to steep my loose tea leaves. Im not saying don’t buy this product I was extremely happy with it until recent events just be carefull.

Best traveller ever! (Sunday, May 01, 2011)
Reviewer: katie

I've used many travel tea mugs over the past many months. This is by far the best. Unfortunately shipping retail orders does not include to Canada :( so I'll have to baby the one I was lucky enough to find at a liquidation store!

Wonderful tea traveler (Sunday, March 27, 2011)
Reviewer: Alison

I love loose leaf tea, but found that it could be difficult to prepare at work. With the loose leaf tea traveler it is very easy to make a hot cup of tea. However, use less tea than you would normally if you are going to drink your tea slowly because you may not be removing the leaves right away.

Great! (Saturday, March 05, 2011)
Reviewer: Katherina

I love this tea traveler. I carry it around with me everywhere and field a lot of questions and comments. I work at a tea house so it's a great conversation starter that leads customers to be more interested in tea... it's a win for everyone :) It's easy to not oversteep the tea, just pour in less hot water at first and throughout the day add hotter water - great way to not waste leaves.

Tea Travel Mug (Saturday, February 26, 2011)
Reviewer: Dana

Love, love, love my tea travel mug. We have several for our extremely mobile lives. I am able to tote hot water in a thermos and continue to use the same tea leaves for several cups of hot tea when needed. Just add hot water, and I have another cup of hot tea wherever I am.

Excellent Tea Traveler (Friday, February 04, 2011)
Reviewer: Judy

My daughter went to China in 2009 and saw people carrying this type of glass with flowering tea. She searched the net and found them at Teas Etc. We each bought one and love them. I have since purchased 4 more as gifts. Everyone loves them. Amazing product for the loose tea fan. Very durable. To be sure I don't lose the lid, I place the lid under the traveler and with the "seal" -- it adheres to the traveler. Can't imagine being without one.

Tea Traveling Mug (Monday, January 31, 2011)
Reviewer: teri

This was a great stocking stuffer for my husband and daughter. They use this every day and really like the quality of the mug.

Very cool (Wednesday, January 26, 2011)
Reviewer: Amy

Love my new tea traveler. I do wish it was a little better insulated and larger. Overall, great product!

Tea Traveler (Wednesday, January 26, 2011)
Reviewer: Roy Davis

I recently made an order and received the Tea Traveler. What a fantastic device. Just add you favorite tea(s) and add hot water. The mesh filter works fantastic. I was using fillable tea bags but the tea traveler works much better and the taste is better. I highly reccomend this product.

Love it! Bought one for my wife! (Friday, January 07, 2011)
Reviewer: J.C.

I wanted something I could ride into work with, so I started looking around and found this had just come back on the market! The first day i brought it to work, I think everyone who saw me with it asked me about it...And then my wife was finally like, I want one. And so now we have two! My only irk is on occasion you have to be careful to how you screw on the lid and infuser. Overall a great product.

Tea travelers. (Friday, January 07, 2011)
Reviewer: Svetlana

These travelers are the best!!! My tea traveler goes to work with me everyday. I just love it.It is durable,doesn't leak and for sure start a lot of conversations when people see it.

A good replacement for my favorite cup (Monday, December 27, 2010)
Reviewer: Marty

I got one of these when I was in Shanghai sometime late last century. I used it most every day and finally dropped it once too many times. I went net surfing for a new one and that led me to Teas Etc. Ordering online here in the US is cheaper and faster than flying back to China. The Tea Traveler allows me to enjoy various loose teas while working. The lid keeps my desk and equipment from not enjoying the tea. I like being able to take the leaves through several washings before changing the leaves. I also have been blending teas for a varied experience, hard to do with tea bags. It is well made, but it loses a star because of a lack of a good seal in the lid. It will leak slowly when tipped and I can't drop it in my gym bag when full. I'm sure my original Chinese one was not BPA free. I feel better knowing that I'm getting one less chemical in my diet.

Teas Etc Tea Traveler (Saturday, December 11, 2010)
Reviewer: Slpnbty

Excellent product! It is just the right size to be filled up by the Ceremony Teapot. Its outside surface merely feels warm to touch despite filling it with boiling water thus can fill & go when in a hurry. This Tea Traveler is simple to use and composed of non breakable material. I was so impressed I bought 4 more with the Chinese characters to give as gifts!

Perfect (Sunday, December 05, 2010)
Reviewer: Eileen

Just what I have been looking for! Now people can actually see what I am drinking (as I love to share the information about my teas and keep bags of all my favorites at work). So I choose a tea for the day and just keep refilling with hot water. One teaspoon of any tea allows me a constant cup of hot fresh tea all day in the traveler!

Gets lots of attention (Thursday, December 02, 2010)
Reviewer: shea

I bought this tea traveler because of the great reviews it received. I love it and you couldn't imagine the attention that it gets. I will be buying these for Christmas gifts this year.

Best mug ever! (Thursday, December 02, 2010)
Reviewer: Susan

I have always envied my husband's to-go travel mugs for his coffee and have always wanted something for loose tea. This is it!! It is as easy and efficient as other reviews have said. Very easy to clean. I throw it into my purse and no leaks at all. I ordered the Chinese character one, too, just for a spare.

Travel Cup (Friday, November 12, 2010)
Reviewer: Donna

I enjoyed this cup so much that I order a few for my family & friends.

Finally I can drink tea on my way to work (Friday, October 29, 2010)
Reviewer: Renee

I'm not a coffee drinker. I love tea. I've drunk tea-bag tea forever and recently became interested in drinking loose leaf tea for the higher quality. I had been trying to brew it without a proper strainer, which made me not want to even mess with it. When I saw your tea travel mug, I was so excited to 1) have a proper strainer, but also 2) have a mechanism for throwing everything together and running out of the house for my 1.25 hour commute to work. Yes, I know I'm nuts. This has made my mornings easier, and I'm so please that it hasn't leaked when it tips over. I love this travel mug. Thanks Teas Etc.

A Must Have for Serious TEA Drinkers! (Friday, October 22, 2010)
Reviewer: Belinda

I have used this unique tea drinker for 6 months now and I cannot begin to tell you just how much this tea traveler has not only inspired me to always use more of my loose-leaf tea collections but I've thrown my tea traveler sideways, it has fallen, and so far no leaks! I've bought similar tea travel containers from Teavana and other online purveyors...they have nothing on the Teas Etc Tea Traveler. Buy it. I'm buying an extra one just to have on hand. And for the price, it can't be beat :-)

Cup and Go (Saturday, October 16, 2010)
Reviewer: Donna

The only reason this doesn't get a 5 star is because I do like covers that can stay on the cup while I drink it. Similar, to cups where you only open the to drink and close it when not drinking. Even without it, this is still my favorite cup. I put the tea in, adding sugar and honey, then add hot water and go right out the door. Since, my tea never sits to get cold, i don't have the problem with it becoming too strong.

It's a Must for the tea drinker! (Saturday, July 31, 2010)
Reviewer: Barbara

It WORKS! Very nice, brew stays hot and the outside isn't hot to the touch!! The size fits prefectly in the drink holder in the car. I have bought seven of these...five for presents to new tea drinkers. But I still like my gray topped plain one the best! Do line up the screw top carefully, otherwise it doesn't seal!

So pleased! (Sunday, June 13, 2010)
Reviewer: TeaBear

Finally! Something for fine tea drinkers on the go! I was so excited when I saw this product I bought 3 because I know they'll make great gifts. It worked perfectly though the body of the tumbler can get pretty warm. Brewing instructions state to not over steep use a lower temp water and slightly less tea which was very good advice. Highly recommend!!

Fantastic! (Sunday, June 06, 2010)
Reviewer: Diane

I love this Tea Traveler! I use it for white teas. It makes a beautiful visual presentation! The Tea Traveler goes everywhere that I go.

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