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Darjeeling Singell 1st Flush

Darjeeling Singell 1st Flush
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We were so impressed with the dynamic bouquet and well balanced, vibrant character of this tea; we bought the entire DJ-5 lot. This is an excellent opportunity to experience a very high-end Darjeeling First Flush.

This exceptional example of Darjeeling First Flush, comes to us from the Singell Tea Garden. While Singell has made their mark with Classic Darjeeling, this tea is made from a new section of young Clonal plants. In the manufacturing phase, the tea leaves were hard-withered with short oxidation which is typical of Darjeeling First Flush.

The Singell Tea Garden, established in 1860, is located in the Kurseong North region and sits at 5,000 to 6,500 above sea level.

Brewing Note: This tea is best brewed below a boil at 195⁰ - 200⁰F.

Darjeeling Singell 1st Flush Tea Type: Black Tea

Ingredients: black tea

Origin of Darjeeling Singell 1st Flush : India

Darjeeling Singell 1st Flush Caffeine Strength:

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Darjeeling Singell 1st Flush (Friday, September 19, 2014)
Reviewer: Kathryn

I bought this tea in late August, opened the package this morning, and brewed it for the first time, according to the directions on the package, which specified boiling water, a level teaspoon per 8 oz. water, and steep for 3 minutes. I followed the directions exactly, and I am sorry to say that I was very disappointed with the result. The tea had hardly any flavor or aroma. It tasted mostly like hot water. I think the next time I try it, I will double the amount of tea and brew it for a bit longer. For the price per ounce, this tea should have been much more impressive.

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