Caffeine at a Glance

"Caffeine at a Glance"

The Facts

- Coffee has more caffeine per 8-ounce cup than even the most highly caffeinated tea.
- Premium loose leaf teas deliver less caffeine in your cup than tea bags.
- The caffeine in tea does not bind to your system the way coffee and chocolate do, allowing it to move through your body more efficiently.
- Caffeine in moderation, defined as 200 milligrams per day, is fine and may even be beneficial.
- Caffeine in tea stimulates the digestion, metabolism, kidneys and liver, helping to eliminate toxins from the body.

per 8-ounce cup
- Coffee 120-160 milligrams
- Black Tea 40-80 milligrams
- Oolong Tea 20-60 milligrams
- Green Tea 4-20 milligrams
- White Tea 10-40 milligrams
- Rooibos No Caffeine
Helpful Hints to lowering the caffeine in your cup

- Drink Japanese green teas which have minimal caffeine, 4-6 milligrams per cup.
- Reduce the length of time you brew to lessen the caffeine in your cup.
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