Drinking tea, could add years to your life

The Associated Press

Drinking tea, 2 -3 cups per day, could add years to your life. English breakfast, Formosa Oolong or Chinese Gunpowder whatever you choose. A number of recent studies have shown that black, oolong and green tea (not herbals) can prevent digestive cancers, and may help to prevent heart disease. Tea's secret - powerful polyphenols, these chemicals have potent antioxidant properties. Polyphenols deactivate potential cancer causing agents like the carcinogenic compounds found in charred red meat and neutralize tissue-damaging free radicals. Swedish scientist recently found that green tea significantly prevents new blood-vessel growth, an effect that may stop cancerous tumor onset.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have shown that consuming as little as a cup daily may reduce the risk of a heart attack by 44%. And if that was not reason enough to be drinking tea, polyphenols also fight plaque-causing bacteria and green and black tea contain cavity fighting fluoride. In order to gain the most polyphenols drink fresh tea not instant or bottled teas. Steep for 3 -5 minutes. The highest level of polyphenols will be present in your first cup (84%), although you will still benefit from reusing tea leaves the second infusion will yield 13% potency. So drink to your health, with a big smile!
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