Chinese Tea Names

Like so many countries, Chinese teas do not normally bear the name of the tea garden where it is cultivated. Instead the names represent the method in which it is manufactured and its quality. Names can be more than confusing due to several key factors. Because of century old names that come from the blending of several native languages (Cantonese, Chinese & Fukienese) and the differences in each Province's individual name, pronunciation and spelling of the tea, as well as the fact that one type of tea can have many different names, even in Chinese! All this information has clouded the pot and to make matters worse the government, in its effort to boost exports, has encourage and even added names to heighten the confusion.

Chinese Gunpowder is also known as; Zhucha, Pearl Tea and Temple of Heaven. Temple of Heaven is similar in appearance and flavor characteristic to Gunpowder but should be a higher grade.

Lung Ching Dragon's Well is also known as; Lung Ching, Dragon's Well & Longjing

Pouchong teas can also be referred to as; Pao Zhong , Bazohong

Pai Mu Tan also known as; White Peony, Balmudan

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