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A lot of hype about Wu long (oolong) tea

Well it's about time that I started using my blog! I have so many ideas and opinions on the happenings in the tea world I am not sure why it's taken me this long. The real motivator is all the questions I have received over the last few days regarding one companies push of a miracle weight loss tea called wu long.

Here's the truth;

Wu long is just another name for oolong tea, a partially oxidized tea that ranges in character from green to dark. Oolong tea is terrific, varies in cost and comes from several regions, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, India etc.

The oolong being hyped as a "miracle" is from Fujian province in southern China, specifically the Wuyi Mountain region, an area that has produced great oolong tea for centuries. My problem is not that this company is promoting tea drinking but that they are make ridiculous claims and prying on people's need to change and the hope that there is a quick fix.

When I visited the site, several customers sent me links, I tried to verify the studies that they quoted and while the impressive research catalogs are pictured the articles are not linked.

Anything that is to good to be true is to good to be true!

Oolong tea has long been used as a cleansing tea with some weight loss benefits. The US Agriculture Dept found that drinking oolong can help to flush carbohydrates and fats from your system and increase your metabolism. But lets face it you can drink oolong by the gallons and if you eat a pint of ice cream every night you are not going to see the benefits.

Oolong teas are delicious and good for you. If you are making changes in your lifestyle i.e. eating better, exercising and drinking more tea I would definitely encourage you to add oolong to your diet. Oolongs are one of my favorite categories of tea, I am drinking a cup right now. I especially enjoy the variety oolong tea offers. If you want to add oolong as a means to aid weight loss make sure you select a dark oolong that's what we have seen results with.

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