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Another Fun Tea Workshop

Last Tuesday was another great tea workshop! The attendees were enthusiastic about learning more on the topic of tea and many have been long time tea drinkers. It is always fun for me to exchange information with a good group of tea people, especially those new to a quality, fresh loose tea. They are always amazed at the taste difference when compared to what they have been drinking. The tea was a hit and so was the Vegetarian Wild Rice Salad.

I put my spin on the salad by incorporating green tea in the dressing and it was delicious. Everyone asked for the recipe so I will post it in the next couple of days. I will also post the recipe for the coconut pork dish that everyone asked for at our open house, I know I am a little behind but I promise I will share it!

One of our participants was a Doctor and she had a lot of good insight to share with the group. Tea certainly has a great deal of health benefits and the doctor was kind enough to share her experience with all of us. Thanks, Sheila!

We are looking forward to the third class of our first tea workshop series, the topic this class will be oolong teas. For those students attending the tea series, don't forget have your yixing pot prepped we are going to use them to brew.

Tea workshops have become a great way to share what we have learned, and continue to learn, about tea. We always have a good time and enjoy meeting new people and seeing long time friends. We will be running workshops throughout the summer so if you have been to busy all season to attend look for our summer series and summer workshop schedule available online in the next week.

Let me take this opportunity to again thank all of those individuals who participated in the last tea workshop we really had a good time! Beth

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