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Earl Grey and Muscle Cramps

I have recently had some questions about Earl Grey tea and muscle cramps so I decided to share what I know.

Earl Grey whether it is black or green tea or herbal is made by adding Bergamot Oil to the tea leaves. Bergamot oil is a citrus oil and contains a compound called Begapten.

Potassium flow to and from cells is critical for proper muscle function. Begapten can cause blocking of that critical flow possibly causing muscles to cramp and cause discomfort.

While very rare, when this does occur it is most often in individuals who drink a lot of Earl Grey over extended periods of time. My suggestion, be aware.

Drink different types of tea not just Earl Grey. If you have been drinking Earl Grey tea and experience unexplained muscle discomfort stop drinking the tea. If the discomfort subsides then you may want to avoid Earl Grey.
On the other hand I would not just stop drinking Earl Grey all together out of fear of getting muscle cramps, just drink it moderately and find some new favorites to add variety. Beth

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