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Unbelievable Day in Huangshan

Our first day in the Huangshan area was remarkable. They call this area the Green Tea Golden Triangle because of the quality of the teas produced here. Many of the organic green teas exported out of China come from this area. We spent the day with Mr. Fong and Will our host's for the region and it could not have been more delightful.

They have attended to our every need. Mr Fong grew up in the tea business and in this area and was very willing to share his extensive knowledge with us, not to mention the local cuisine, many laughs and incredible organic green teas. I can not describe the beauty and serenity of this place the words are not within my grasp but I can tell you that I would not miss this area on any of my future trips to China!

Mr. Fong introduced us to the various varieties of organic green teas and by early afternoon I was able to walk into the factory and identify the grade of green tea they were producing. When we were in the organic tea garden I asked if the plants were going to produce organic pinhead gunpowder green tea and Will informed that in fact they were. We were honored to be the first foreign visitor/buyer to be invited to visit this garden. In order to get to the garden we had to float across a stream on a bamboo raft. Riding the raft wasn't to difficult if you had good balance because you squat down and balance yourself on your feet. Thank goodness for yoga practice.

Walking through the garden was amazing, nothing but tea surrounding you on all sides, not to mention that we were completely surround by mountains, north, south, east and west, this place was breathtaking.
We ended the day back at the main factory with many visitors to meet. The atmosphere was fun and welcoming and we felt right at home. We of course drank more green tea and collected lots of samples for selecting teas for the company.
Our hosts arranged for a wonderful dinner for us which was the perfect ending to an awesome day!


  • Riz

    BETH! I know you are in heaven and I am sooooo happy for you!Please don't expect our class to learn it all in one night!I love you!Take care and be happy!Riz

  • rajiv lochan

    dear bethhuangshan is haven on earth and has two more jewels in its crown - huangshan mao feng and taiping ho que -two out of 10 best teas from china

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