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Green Tea Processing after Harvest

Getting photographs uploaded to the blog has been a challenge. So here are a variety of photos from different parts of our journey.

Processing Organic Green Tea at Mr. Fong's Tea Factory

Once the fresh tea leaves have been harvested the first step in the processing is halting the oxidation which is done by firing the leaves in this machine.

Fired Green Tea Leaves

Once the leaves are fired they are ready for the roller. This step in the process is done to create the appearence of the leaf style.

The leaves are then dried to remove any moisture.

The dried leaves are then baked to complete what is called the first processing.

These tea leaves, organic Chunmee to be exact, will go to the larger factory at this point to be sorted. Some green teas will go thru a second process, baked agian, but that would depend on the type of tea being processed.

We are getting ready to enjoy the newly processed leaves with our host Mr. Fong. If you served hot tea like this anywhere in the US you would get strang looks, but everywhere we have been this is how our green tea has been served in China.

Until next time, Beth

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