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New Beginnings, Fond Endings

As I wrap up my stay in Huangshan, the Green Tea Golden Triangle, I am excited to move to the next stage of my trip in China. I always am looking forward to tasting new teas and food for that matter to experience the many regional differences.

At the same time I feel somewhat sad that we have to leave behind all of the new friends and acquaintances we have met. Will and Mr. Fong, our hosts in this area, have been beyond accommodating seeing to our every need and want. I have never been treated like royalty until now. We have met many political and social leaders in this area, had numerous dinners thrown in our honor and been taken everywhere we thought we might want to go. I must say we have a lot to learn about hospitality in the States!

I took one last trip to the main factory to say goodbye and picked up samples of a new harvest of organic Keemun Hao Ya black tea, yum. I will leave tonight on the train, another new experience, to Nanjing and the next adventure. I look forward to being back in the tea gardens in Hunan later in the week but first a visit to what is called the most beautiful city in China and Purple Mnt. the home of 1000 Buddahs and our outing to Yixing for clay tea pots. I am going to have so much to carry!

See the pictures below for some of our sites in the Tunxi (twin she) area.

Until next time, Beth

Visiting Old Street

Examples of the Huizhou Architecture (pronunciation we joe) are everywhere. Restored house dating back to the Ming era have been converted into shops and restaurants. The quality of the restoration gives visitors a clear picture of a typical Ming - era town.

A billboard advertisement of Mr. Fong's Tea Company.

Saying Goodbye at the Factory

Dinner with Will and his wife on my last night in Tunxi.

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