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Flowering Teas are Everywhere

Last Tuesday, January 9th, I was engaging in mindless relaxation with my husband watching Law & Order SVU, it was a pretty good episode so I made it to the end.

I was thrilled when in the final scene both detectives where sitting on a stoop drinking what I would have guessed to be coffee when Elliott said "is that a flower in your cup?" and Olivia replied, "no it's tea."

To me this is a big indicator on specialty teas growing popularity in the US. Personally I still see a lot of resistance to loose tea; its too hard, it takes too much time, I am too busy, which leads me to wonder sometimes if the speculated industry growth is really substantiated.

But I have renewed hope after seeing this on SVU. While this is certainly not my first "tea sighting" during prime time most others have been the quick shot of a cast iron or glass teapot or someone requesting tea in a restaurant. This reference made it clear to me that specialty tea is poised to continue growing at a strong pace in the years to come and I am excited to be a part of this whole leaf revolution!

What about you, have you had any tea sightings during prime time or anytime? If so share them. What about flowering teas, has anyone had anything blooming in their cup? If so why not share your experience here. For anyone who is not farmilar with flowering teas I have a picture below.

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