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All Things Organic Show

I am in Chicago attending the All Things Organic & Fancy Food Shows. We arrived yesterday, I am with my girlfriend Riza, and went directly from the airport to the show and decided we were most interested in the organic portion.

It's huge with so much to see; sustainable packaging, baby clothing, new herbal products, lots of chocolate (Dagoba has a new lemon ginger dark chocolate bar that is yummy) but not much in the way of tea. Stash is here and another newer company, can't remember the name, with a new fangled tea bag but other then that just herbal stuff. Tons of great food products and incredible fruits and veggies.

We are heading back this morning to begin where we left off yesterday, we did not finish the organic portion of the show and I understand that the Fancy Food section is even larger. I will check in with my favorite finds after covering as much ground as possible.

Until next time, Beth

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