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Chestertown Tea Party

We had a great time at the 2007 Chestertown Tea Party which takes place every Memorial Day weekend on the banks of the Chester River in 18th century Chestertown Maryland.

This fun filled two day event has is a full range of activities like; bike and foot races, a Colonial parade, walking tours, music, shopping, sailing, and terrific regional cusine all in a beautiful quaint small town atmosphere.

The highlight of Tea Party is the tea tossing reenactment which takes place Saturday at 2pm. The reenactment is based on the 1774 Chestertown "Resolve" which forbid importing, selling, or consuming tea in Chestertown set forth in response to the British Parliament's closing of the port of Boston. According to local legend, residents gathered at the town center, marched down High Street to the brigantine Geddes, which was anchored in the Chester River, and tossed her cargo of tea overboard.

As the colonials march down High Street to board the Sultana, which takes the place of the Geddes, and toss the tea those attending tea party get into the event protesting right along with them. We look forward to the group passing our booth as we yell back reminding them that we are not the kings men!

Another highlight of tea party is the wacky river raft race taking place on Sunday in Wilmer Park. Locals build rafts out of anything that is not related to sailing, floating or otherwise sea worthy. The range of ideas and creativity is great and watching most of them sink is hysterical!

If you are ever nearby during Memorial Day the Chestertown Tea Party has something for everyone and is great fun not to mention having terrific tea.

Until next time, Beth

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