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Drink Tea as part of a Healthy Aging Diet

I have always been an avid reader of magazines, one of my favorites is body + soul. This pub has practical info on alternative and healthy lifestyles and eatting as well as "green" living tips and products.

O.K. I subscribe to at least 8 monthly magazines which may not seem very "green" however I recyle everyone of them, passing them around to at least 3-4 collegues and friends.

Anyway this is not a body + soul promo, I just wanted to share that in this month's issue there were at least 3 references to tea and it's many benefits. The most exciting was the article on the "45 Super Foods for Long Life", which listed tea as 1 of the 10 Key Longevity Foods!

That's not news to me but I really love seeing the message broadcast in such a widespread forum.

Until next time, Beth

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