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Getting Ready for China

I am getting ready to leave for China and while this was an unexpected trip I kind of like the last minute nature of it, not a lot of time to think! It also helps me really get organized, necessitating numerous decisions bringing projects to fruition.

Once again I will be traveling around to many different locations, going further north than ever before,to Qingdao, and visiting new towns and tea gardens in Fujian province as well as visiting some old favorites like Mr. Fong in Tunxi, Anhui province and Huangshan Mountain. The spring harvests are late this year due to the extreme winter in China this year. I also hope to travel to one of my favorite cities Nanjing, to see the plum blossoms in full bloom.

Many of the new teas we have been formulating over the past 3-4 months are arriving in the US today and we hope to have them to share with everyone by the end of next week. We are working on many new blends with the newly formulated Organic Relaxing Blend and Organic Cold Comfort already released for sale.

Lots of other cool things are happening with Teas getting a lot of media attention recently, especially with the launch of the CarbonFund green feature on the website.

Oh and check out the new flowering tea video on youtube! It's the Golden Prosperity set to music, so turn on your speakers. My son Chris shot and produced the video so it is particularly good from my point of view. Hope you enjoy it and until next time, Beth

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