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From Wenzhou to Nanjing

The drive from Fuding to Wenzhou is really lovely, quaint countryside. When we arrive in Wenzhou it is obvious that this is a wealthy area, very well maintained roads and parks and lots of fancy cars, one that we avoid because it is driving very erratically.

The airport is nothing like the city very old and very small but easy to navigate. You know its a good thing that Amy has me to find our way! Despite the very foggy weather our flight leaves on time and are glad when the plane lands in Nanjing, the flight got very bumpy, not fun.

We check in at the Nanjing Jinling hotel and get settled in our very nice accomadations. Off to my favorite tailor to place an order and then back to the hotel. The weather is cold, cloudy and very dreary so we are in for the night. Maybe we will do a little shopping tomorrow before leaving for Huangshan on Monday, weather permitting.

Until next time, Beth

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