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Moving to a Great New Location

Trust me I am going to load all of the China images and blog writings just as soon as I get a minute, I thought China was a whirlwind!

The day before leaving for China I signed a lease on a new office/warehouse location that is 4 times the size of the Lake Worth location. We were desperate for the space and since everything happened so smoothly I knew this was the one.

When I left for China I left the thought and planning of everything that needed to be done behind. Funny but it was right there waiting for me to return. So after 2 1/2weeks of working everyone day and night we made the move on Friday.

My husband said that my renovation/move schedule was aggressive and believe me I could not have pulled it off without the help of many, many people.

Cody headed up the crew with great ideas on how to save money and conserve energy. Penelope, along with my dedicated, patient friends, Barbara, Riza and "the roller" aka Warren gave the place personality and color.

Everyone took advantage of the tea perks. Having just returned from China there was lots of great tea and laughs. Cody never had anyone bring him tea at the top of a scaffold before!!

Matt, our fork lift driver,shifted and moved stuff on numerous occasions for floors, doors, ceiling insulation and then headed up the physical move. My son who can't paint at all, but was a great help in lifting, hauling and bring food when we were hungry. My husband for lending moral support and keeping the business running in my absence.

There are too many names to mention but thanks to all who pitched in and kept going even when they didn't want to. All of us at Teas Etc are excited to begin the next phase of our journey and growth and are grateful to everyone who supports the business in every way.

More pictures and updates to come. Until next time, Beth

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  • Kim Jage

    Congratulations! We are very excited for you all; your success is inspirational. PS- Love the color Beth.Kim & the WTE TEAm

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