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Tea Wedding

Nathan has been part of the Teas Etc family for the past 4 years working as our website guru. As a hardcore tea guy it was no surprise that when he and Nicole announced in 2008 that they would be getting married, which we all knew anyway, that they checked the World Tea Expo show dates to be sure there were no conflicts!

I can't take credit for converting Nathan, he was a tea guy long before he joined the ranks of Teas Etc. He has been an integral part of cupping's and tea evaluations since the beginning and is a valuable contributor on many levels. His business card reads "webmaster and oolong enthusiast" probably his favorite category although like everyone else his tea horizons continuously expand.

We are thrilled to be a part of this intimate affair of which tea is a central theme. They will be serving tea to the parents during the ceremony. Have tea wedding favors. Are serving tea extensively at the reception with a full tea station set up and the non alcoholic toast option is Golden Stars sparkling jasmine white tea. Nicole was not a big tea drinker when she met Nathan but all that has changed now.

They couple spent the better part of last Saturday creating and cupping what became their "wedding" tea blend which is a lovely combination of white teas, rose petals, strawberry....We will feature their wedding blend to the general public somehow either just before or just after the wedding I dont have all of the details worked out yet.

If you are going to be at WTE stop by the booth for a cup of tea and congratulate Nathan on his upcoming nuptials as he will once again be a part of the team working the Teas Etc booth.

Look for the wedding post and pictures in late May.

Until next time, Beth

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