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Monthly Archives: June 2010

  • Cold Infusion Methods to Eliminate Bitterness

    In response to Tiffany's experience with cold brewing I have two methods to try that I have found will resolve the problem of bitter tea. The first is the most environmentally, and economically, friendly just reuse leaves that you have already…
  • My Discovery of Cold Infusion

    Steeping hot tea is great. Various methods and styles peaked my interest and I am constantly curious of just how far I can push the leaf. Recently while traveling in Taiwan I discovered cold brewing. Since then I have been passionately exploring…
  • Life is Full of Change

    Change is inevitable. Change can be positive. It is time for change with the Teas Etc blog! I understand that to operate a blog that is useful and interesting at minimum you must post regularly. No matter how hard I have tried I am just unable, due…

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