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  • Bi Lo Chun Tea

    What an amazing day. We were invited to join Pauline, Mr. Yu, Mr. Chen and the Agriculture Director of East Mountain, where the original Bi Lo Chun is grown, Mr. Wu for a visit to the factory where the finest early spring Bi Lo Chun is…
  • Tasting Teas in Shanghai

    We cupped so much tea that I forgot to eat! We began our day traveling across town to a tea market where various brokers have set up small shops selling a wide range of teas. As I entered the market I was overcome with the intense aroma of Pu'erh…
  • Have Landed in Shanghai

    Well I have landed in Shanghai and am looking forward to spending a couple of days here in the city. Like every city I have ever visited it is full of people and traffic. Interestingly my hotel is across the street from an IKEA! I am staying at a…
  • Getting Ready for China

    I am getting ready to leave for China and while this was an unexpected trip I kind of like the last minute nature of it, not a lot of time to think! It also helps me really get organized, necessitating numerous decisions bringing projects to…

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