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Caffeine Revisited and New Organic Arrivals

Caffeine Content in Tea

Confusion about the caffeine content in tea is common and I was recently asked to untangle the confusion for a tea publication in a simple, easy to understand format. Since it is one of the most frequently asked questions, I thought it would be great to share my response in this month’s newsletter, along with focusing on a few of the new organic arrivals. 

The answer is simple really, tea no matter what type, green, black, oolong or white, contains the same amount of caffeine. 

The factors that make the variations in caffeine content are;

  • The amount of tea leaves used.
  • The temperature of the water used to brew the tea.
  • The amount of time the tea is brewed.

To illustrate my point consider this, if you brew the same amount of weighed tea leaves, in 8 ounces of boiling water, all of the teas, white, green, oolong and black, will have almost identical amounts of caffeine per cup, within a few milligrams of each other. 

Teas Etc recommends different brewing times and temperatures for the various teas. Based on those recommendations we suggest the estimated caffeine content per cup. This can lead consumers to believe that we are implying that a particular tea is responsible for the caffeine content when actually it is the recommended brewing method that we base our suggested caffeine content on. 

I first learned this caffeine fact at a tea industry gathering in NYC several years ago. Since this is contrary to everything that is marketed, I checked my facts with reliable industry source, Joe Simrany, President of the Tea Association of the USA. Yes, there are slight regional variations but overall caffeine is determined by the quantity of dry tea, temperature of the water and amount of time the tea is brewed.  

Fall and New Organic Arrivals

School is back in session and the lazy hazy days of summer are quickly coming to a close as everyone is busy getting ready for the onset of fall. This is the time of year when we introduce many of the teas that will be included in our new fall lineup. With our USDA organic certification official I am taking this opportunity to introduce some of our new organic teas, and the return of some favorites. 

First up is an extraordinary organic oolong, Qi Lan (Shee-Lawn). High elevation grown, this Chinese medium dark roasted oolong has complex character with scrumptious chocolate notes and is definitely my personal favorite tea of the moment. 

The monkey is back, the Organic Golden Monkey. This extremely popular, incomparable, organic black tea resembles threads of gold with intense layers of flavor yet soft notes and an extremely smooth finish. After the overwhelming response to last years harvest we searched long and hard to find a new harvest that would measure up - mission accomplished. 

The arrival of these and many other special teas makes this a great time to restock or try new teas and this month's subscriber special is even more reason too!

Other new arrivals;