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New Teas and Developments

Hello (I1)

We were touched by the number of good wishes sent in response to our 9th birthday, thank you. 

With many exciting new developments underway and teas arriving almost weekly it seems like a good time to share what you can expect in the coming months, along with a “taste” of some of the latest teas.

New Oolongs

Bao Zhong, a lightly oxidized oolong, is grown in the mountainous region of Taipei in northern Taiwan. A long time personal favorite, this gracefully fragrant large leaf oolong emits delicate floral notes absorbed from the surrounding environment where it’s grown. Processed under the watchful eye of the tea master, this is awell balanced, spectacular cup of tea that rewards anytime of day. Low in caffeine, when brewed according to our instructions, this tea infuses several times revealing its exceptional character. 

Huang Jin Gui is another favorite that I uncovered on my last trip to China. Grown at high elevations in Fujian Province in China, this sumptuous, crisp green oolong has complex character, opening with fruit tones and finishing with sweet floral notes and a hint of honey. This aromatic brew is delicious served hot or cold, and is an incredible tea at an equally incredible price. Just like the Bao Zhong this oolong is low in caffeine, when brewed according to our instructions, andinfuses several times, each revealing a new layer of taste. 

New Flowering Teas

These precisely handcrafted buds begin with a harvest of the finest young green tea plucked in the mountains of Fujian Province, China. Artisans craft the buds by sewing the leaves together with a variety of stunning flowers. Each graceful blossom instills serenity as every leaf unfurls, revealing a subtle green tea taste and the beauty of nature coming to life before your eyes. 

New Tea Tins 

We are pleased to introduce our new tea tins. These lovely tins are perfect for travel, the office and storing small quantities of tea while keeping the larger packages closed, maintaining peak freshness. Each tin holds ½ to 2 ounces of tea depending on the leaf size. 

Organic Systems Plan and Certification

We are most excited about the development of our Organic Systems Plan, which allows us to obtain USDA recognized certification of our entire facility. This certification will permit us to utilize the USDA seal and “100% organic certified” on our labels, identifying the quality and reliability of our products to everyone who touches them. We have been undergoing this process for the last couple of months and are in the final stages, awaiting our inspection and subsequent certificate. 

While the greatest benefit of purchasing our teas has always gone beyond a “certificate,” something many small farmers will never be able to afford, it’s reallythe relationship with our growers that continues to be the number one reason that our customers trust the integrity of our products. With the desire to grow our presence in the larger marketplace and the increasing consumer demand for organically grown products we realized that taking this step was critical to our ongoing success

You may have noticed that the “organic” section of the website is no longer there. The teas listed in those sections are still available in their respective categories – Black – Green – White – Herbal – Rooibos. Once the certification is complete wewill be unveiling a new line of organic teas, tisanes and Rooibos complementing many of your old favorites, all with the USDA seal of approval right on the package.