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Monthly Archives: April 2007

  • First Flush Darjeelings Are Here

    In all of my excitement about my trip I failed to blog about a couple of new tea arrivals, some first flush Darjeeling's. While I am still disappointed about having to reschedule, life goes on and I am reminded of this by the exceptional character…
  • No Smooth Landing

    As I waited for my flight in New York I was overcome by a stomach virus that was relentless. Needless to say I did not board my 19 hour flight overseas and here I am sitting at home disappointed that I am not in the mountains of China! I will be…
  • A Long Way to Go

    I am in NYC waiting for my flight, the beginning of my annual trip thru China and Taiwan. I am looking forward to seeing Amy again and can't wait to begin sampling teas and finding new products to bring…
  • 2007 Dragon Well and a trip to Asia

    I am loving the new 2007 Dragon Well! This first grade green tea is straight from the source in Hangzhou and is delicious. As beautiful as it is tasty, this flat leaf tea is bright yellow green in color and has a rounded leaf shape. I am…

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