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Certified Organic

Teas Etc has maintained Organic Certification status since 2007. The teas offered as certified organic meet all of the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards. Teas Etc acknowledges only 100% organic and 95% organic status. Teas and ingredients that may be organic but do not meet 95% or higher status are not listed as organic.  This is a company standard and not the NOP rule.  Quality Certification Services is our certifying agency.

Certified Kosher

Earth Kosher is the Teas Etc certifying agency overseeing all aspects of the teas that meet Kosher status. Teas and herbs are inherently kosher. Ingredients such as flavor meet strict guidelines in order to become certified. All products certified as Kosher comply with Jewish dietary laws and can be consumed as such.  

A Word About Allergens

Teas Etc recognizes the importance of allergens and the significant impact and possible danger they can cause in the lives of those effected. We have a comprehensive Allergen program in place that segregates product through the various stages of receiving, storing, blending and packaging.  Additional precautions include identifying products that have one or more of the “Big Eight” allergens on the website product details page.