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Monthly Archives: July 2006

  • Great Oolong Workshop

    Tuesday night was another fun oolong workshop with some new and familar faces in attendance. We sampled everything we intended too and slipped in a couple of Indian oolongs samples that we had just received. Brewing with a Gaiwan and Gung Fu style…
  • Iced Tea Follow Up

    Here are some more great ideas to jazz up cold tea brews. I hope you will enjoy them. Mix a hearty black tea, like organic Nilgiri, China OP or a breakfast tea, with lemonade for a refreshing summer beverage. Or get really creative and use a fat…
  • Simple Syrup, a sweet touch on Iced Tea.

    Not to state the obvious, but boy it's been hot! Interestingly South Florida, when compared to the rest of the US, has been one of the cooler places to be. A great way to quench your thirst in this sweltering heat is by drinking iced tea. Unlike…
  • The Final Workshop in the Series

    As we prepare for tonight's Oolong workshop, one of our most popular and certainly one of my favorites, I was thinking about the workshop series that ended in June. Here are some of the pictures and my thoughts from that awesome class. I really…

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