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The Final Workshop in the Series

As we prepare for tonight's Oolong workshop, one of our most popular and certainly one of my favorites, I was thinking about the workshop series that ended in June. Here are some of the pictures and my thoughts from that awesome class.

I really enjoyed doing this workshop series! It's really the participants that make a class great and these girls are the best.

Pat #1 could not be more of a champion for Teas Etc. She encourages people to try tea, teaches them about quality and has them sign up for the basic workshops. I am wondering if Pat really should be in the tea business instead of working at the college?

Riza, who showed up early for every class to help me with the food, has become a real tea taster. At the open house I tried to slipper her a tea similar to one that the class had tried a week earlier and she knew immediately!

Brenda has to be the worlds best tea timer, always keeping me right on track.

I am going to miss seeing all of you for our once a month get together. You each brought something special to our group and I will smile when I think of the slurps, laughs and tea we shared.

Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience for me.

Fondly, Beth

Class Pictures from our oolong night.

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