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Monthly Archives: October 2010

  • Oriental Beauty Oolong in TaoYuan

    There are three areas in Taiwan where Oriental Beauty is grown and harvested.  MiaoLi, HsinChu and TaoYuan.  Today I'm in TaoYuan visiting Tea Master Lin. This meeting clearly illustrates the importance of "visiting and knowing…
  • Bao Zhong Oolong Tea and Wen-Shan Tea District

    Rain, rain and more rain accompanies my travel in the mountainous area around Pin Lin in Wen-Shan where we source our Baozhong oolong tea - which we are out of.  As my hosts and I wander up the mountain road, we come across Mr Cheng…
  • Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea

    My travels yesterday took me to Miao Li and Hsin Chu County where Oriental Beauty oolong teas are grown and produced. First stop was a delightful restaurant in Hsin Chu. The restaurant was part of a tea…
  • Taiwan, Tea and Travel

    I love travel, especially the alertness of the senses upon landing at a new destination - which in my case happens to be Taiwan. The high humidity (think Florida, so no big deal for me), the smell of spices and food from small shops, the lovely…

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