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oolong tea

  • Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea

    My travels yesterday took me to Miao Li and Hsin Chu County where Oriental Beauty oolong teas are grown and produced. First stop was a delightful restaurant in Hsin Chu. The restaurant was part of a tea…
  • Taiwan, Tea and Travel

    I love travel, especially the alertness of the senses upon landing at a new destination - which in my case happens to be Taiwan. The high humidity (think Florida, so no big deal for me), the smell of spices and food from small shops, the lovely…
  • Fall Into Oolong Teas

    Cupping the underrated, overlooked or possibly misunderstood, fall harvests has been particularly tasty this year. While I am always partial to oolongs I have to say that I have found this season's selections to be really good. Frequently…
  • Spring Teas

    We have been receiving tons of tea samples from Amy in our China office and have been so busy cupping has been a challenge, can you imagine? What we have cupped and purchased is a very limited harvest bai hao silver needle that is amazing. When…

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