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Monthly Archives: January 2007

  • Shanghai Teahouse Must Change Name

    About a week ago I came across and interesting story on a teahouse in Shanghai, China. The name of the teahouse, roughly translated, is "Frog Keeps a Mistress", which according to a Shanghai newspaper, is brewing up some controversy, pardon the pun.…
  • Ceylon Tea Prices May Rise

    Over the past couple of months the tea idustry in Sri Lanka has been plaugued by striking workers, bad weather and upheaval among tea board officials. The reduction in overall tea production caused by the recent round of bad weather may have the…
  • Flowering Teas are Everywhere

    Last Tuesday, January 9th, I was engaging in mindless relaxation with my husband watching Law & Order SVU, it was a pretty good episode so I made it to the end. I was thrilled when in the final scene both detectives where sitting on a stoop…
  • White Tea One Way to Improve Your Life in 2007

    This past Saturdays green market, the first of 2007, was dry, the only one this season I have attended that it hasn't rained! The unseasonably warm, wet weather has put a damper on this seasons market, for vendors and shoppers alike. But the start…
  • Holiday Update

    I can't believe that it is over! It seems as though every year the holidays go by faster than the last. We had a great holiday both personally and professionally. The web site kept us busy right up until the 22nd, wrapping, making bows and shipping…

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