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Shanghai Teahouse Must Change Name

About a week ago I came across and interesting story on a teahouse in Shanghai, China. The name of the teahouse, roughly translated, is "Frog Keeps a Mistress", which according to a Shanghai newspaper, is brewing up some controversy, pardon the pun.
The shop, according to the paper, was said to be violating Chinese advertising law and the name goes against common ethics and social morality. Officials have asked the tea house to change the name to "purify the city's markets".
Curious, I asked Amy, in our Shanghai office,to visit the teahouse and tell us what it was like.
She had never heard of the teahouse but located it and while there enjoyed some bubble tea, "the tea with pearl and milk there is good". She also took a couple of pictures of the now infamous teahouse and I thought I would share them with you. Until next time, Beth

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