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Fall Into Oolong Teas

Cupping the underrated, overlooked or possibly misunderstood, fall harvests has been particularly tasty this year. While I am always partial to oolongs I have to say that I have found this season's selections to be really good.

Frequently asked "what's your favorite tea?" elicits a response that is somewhat generic “I can't choose just one." The truth is that so many factors play a part in what type of tea I am in the mood for; energy level, time of day, what I am doing, what I have or have not eaten, if I am cheerful, cranky, super busy and what lies ahead. Whatever the case may be I can most often select an oolong that will fit the bill.

So while I definitely do not have a "favorite" tea, oolongs would be my overall favorite varietal. The incredible nuances and subtleties of the category offer something delightful for every palate.

A good oolong has helped me demonstrate the special qualities that exist in premium loose leaf teas on more than one occasion. They perfectly illustrate the dramatic difference in what is commonly consumed in the US versus what is available. Unadulterated oolongs perfectly illustrate the incredible taste that exists in specialty teas with nothing but Mother Nature’s magic at work. They have the ability to peak a newcomer’s curiosity and help develop love for tea.

Mango Ceylon was my first introduction to premium teas followed by, 5 days later, Formosa oolong. Looking back I suppose I didn’t stand a chance of escaping destiny and frankly I am glad I didn’t.

With new suppliers and new selections I am excited about sharing these teas and hope that you enjoy them as much as I have.

Until next time, Beth

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