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Ease Holiday Stress

Let me start by sending my apologies for not getting out a November newsletter, as some of you know hurricane Wilma greatly impacted our area and specifically left us without power for 2 weeks.

With that said I am happy to tell you that we have just received, from China, a new Organic Bai Hao Yinzhen White Tea and boy is it good.

This all bud or needle tea, "Yinzhen" in Chinese, will quickly become a favorite among white tea fans not only for its delicious taste but also for the numerous health benefits. Interestingly enough these tea buds expand a lot during the brewing process, more than other Yinzhen teas that I have experienced, which adds depth and flavor. This medium bodied white tea has an almost nutty note with a smooth, lingering finish.

If you have not tried white tea now is the time. With cold and flu season upon us, white teas are the perfect choicefor helping to build a strong immune system. Lower in caffeine than black teas, white teas have plenty of antioxidants and are often compared to green teas in benefit. More and more of the latest research indicates that white teas are a must for any healthy diet.

So the intended topic of this newsletter is how to step out of the all consuming holiday frenzy and maintain balance in our busy lives. When this concept was first suggested to me, by my husband and partner Newman, I thought "no" it needs to be more tea related, more educational, but the thought stuck with me. As I was riding to work this morning chatting with a girlfriend I told her about the idea and that I didn't think it was educational enough, she laughed and pointed out to me that we had just spent the last 15 minutes talking about this.

Really this subject could not be more tea related because it's the little rituals in our life that we let fall by the wayside first, at least for me. Here are some of the suggestions that I would make in helping to maintain balance during this fast paced season;

Plan meals, it's more likely you will continue to eat healthy, energy promoting foods instead of grabbing junk on the run.

If you are already exercising don't stop now, every study I have read clearly shows that exercise is critical for healthy living both physical and mental.

If you do not have an exercise regime don't make it a big deal just walk for 15 or 20 minutes, keep it simple.

One of the most effective ways I have personally found to relive stress is practicing yoga, whether at home or in a studio. I practice a more meditative style of yoga as opposed to strenuous, my life is strenuous enough.

And of course nothing could be more important right now then taking time out for a soothing, healthful cup of tea. Drinking tea for its calming effect is one aspect but consider the preparation as an opportunity to bring about new perspective and clarity a "time out" so to speak.

We want to wish you, your friends and family a happy, healthy, less stressed holiday,