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Happy Holidays from Teas Etc.

With the holiday season in full swing I've decided to keep this month's newsletter practical yet light, sharing a few holiday "tea" survival tips. 

Tip 1 

Enjoy the special foods that are thoughtfully prepared during this festive season, less the guilt and remorse that so often follows. Instead try sipping a delicious cup of oolong tea after a big meal or party. Oolong tea aids digestion and increases metabolism, the perfect antidote for holiday indulgence. So eat, drink tea and be merry!  

Tip 2

Refresh and renew with friends by hosting a simple holiday tea party. Invite a select, intimate group out and ask them to bring their favorite tea to share. Spend the time reminiscing, sharing special memories and laughs. Be sure to let them know how much you value their friendship and how they enrich your life every day.  This priceless gift is sure to be cherished.  If your budget allows, mark the occasion with a small gift of Holiday Spice Tea. Guests are sure to smile each time they enjoy a cup.    

Tip 3

After a busy day of shopping; unwind with a warm, comforting cup of Relaxing BlendThis balanced combination of calming herbs will help to relieve stress and quiet the mind.

Tip 4 

Taxing our bodies with the increased stress brought on by the holiday rush weakens the immune system. Combine that with seasonal germs and the risk for getting sick increases.  Ward off illness by drinking white tea. Thought to have potent immune system building benefits white teas are a special category that has delicate character and powerful benefits. Try our newest blend Organic White Rose, a soothing combination of 100% organic Bai Mu Dan, pink rose petals and golden chrysanthemum. 

It's hard to resist this opportunity for a little self promotion so I decided not to fight it! I am pleased to tell you thatTeas Etc is now a CarbonFund.org partner which helps offset our corporate carbon footprint. In addition, we are working with Carbon Fund to offer customers the chance to offset the environmental impact of their orders by choosing to add $.25 to domestic shipments and $.50 to international shipments. We will be e-mailing announcements once this feature is live on the website.  

Perplexed about what to send for the holidays?

  • Visit us online and check out our Holiday Gift Guide, sure to lend some inspiration.
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  • Check out our convenient Super Ship feature. Fill your cart once and ship to as many addresses as you like.
  • Simplify your holiday. Make your gift selections and leave the wrapping and shipping to us.  For the next 3 days, on any order of $50 or more (not including shipping) we are offering only to our subscribers FREE gift wrap!
    • This time sensitive offer is good until 12 midnight EST, Tuesday December 11th.
    • At checkout enter the promotion code: WRAP7
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Sending seasonal good wishes and making sure we have the perfect something for that perfect someone is meant to be a joyful practice. Try to be mindful of the daily rituals that mean so much. Those who really are important in our lives will appreciate, more than anything else, our refreshed spirit and genuine good cheer. 

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