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New look for the New Year!

We are pleased to showcase the new Teas Etc e-newsletter "Tea Talk" with a new look, expanded content, topic specific sections and quick links all designed to help get you the tea info you want faster and easier. 

We hope you enjoy our new layout, expanded content and of course our tea. We look forward to hearing from you in our various forums created to encourage more input from our readers. 

Please feel free to forward this to friends by using this link and thank you for your continued support. We wish you a happy, healthy 2008.


Fit in 2008!

Clever ways to up your daily intake

1. Brewing Loose Tea is Easy 
Don't avoid drinking quality loose leaf teas because you think it is complicated or time consuming. Drinking loose tea that is fresh and delicious will likely increase the amount you drink regularly. There are plenty of products available that make brewing a snap. Try a glass teapot designed with an infuser basket, or easy-to-use, all natural T-Sac filters, available in three sizes. Whatever works best for you, add tea leaves, pour in the water and you are well on your way to a simple, scrumptious cup of tea loaded with beneficial properties and no calories! 

2. Drink Tea Anywhere You Go!
If you are traveling, going out to eat or just out on the town, there is no need to settle for tea that is flat and stale. Just take your tea to go. Simply fill a Minit or T-Sac filter with enough tea to make a cup and tuck it into your purse or pocket. Or try the new Tea Travel Mug, it doesn't get any easier than this! Drop in the leaves, screw on the filter, fill with water and go. 

3. Make the Tea Swap
Small, achievable lifestyle changes are the ones that you are likely to stick with. Begin 2008 positively! Swap out one cup of coffee, soda, or high calorie ready-to-drink beverage with a yummy, freshly brewed cup of tea. In week two increase your swap to 1 ½ - 2 cups per day and begin to recognize the positive changes. You will benefit from the healthy choice both physically and mentally with a more relaxed, serene well being. 

4. Tea and Exercise- Pump It Up
Make the most of your exercise routine by drinking tea before you workout. Tea increases your metabolic rate while you sweat and keeps it elevated for a longer period of time once you are finished. Whether you are walking, lifting weights or doing yoga tea is the perfect fitness companion. 

5. Tea Keeps It Fluid
It's an old wives tale that tea causes dehydration. The truth is that tea acts as part of your daily fluid intake in addition to the powerful antioxidant properties it delivers. Proper hydration is important for keeping your body in good working order, not to mention that it works from the inside out, which keeps you looking younger. 

6. Cook with Tea
For an easy, delicious way to increase your tea intake, try adding it to one of your favorite recipes. Replace the broth or other liquid called for in a recipe with tea for an interesting, healthy twist. Try some of the delicious new recipes on our website for inspiration. If you are overcome with excitement and great culinary "tea" ideas submit your appetizing combinations to Teas Etc. If we publish your recipe on the website we will send you free tea! Click here to send a recipe now.

Tea not Supplements

As many of us set off to change and improve our lives it is easy to become prey to the "quick fix" promises of some supplemental products. But buyer beware, experts say that you should rely on food, not supplements, to ensure that you are getting a broad spectrum of flavonoids. 

Is there an easier way to get those powerful antioxidants (flavonoids) found in a brewed cup of tea? Supplement companies would like you to believe so, but researchers might disagree. While the label may tout high antioxidant content, 400 - 1000 milligrams per pill, they are likely to contain only a few types. 

Researchers at the University of California at Berkley suggest that at high levels flavonoids (antioxidant) have the potential to damage cells instead of protecting them. In addition, other studies have hinted at the potential for liver damage with concentrated levels of flavonoids. 

Antioxidants work in the body in various mechanisms, not all entirely understood by researchers. What we do know is that these powerful compounds are flushed out of the body quickly so consuming tea throughout the day helps to replenish your supply. 

Tea supplements and extracts are man made which alters the properties from their natural state. "Anytime you're extracting out, you don't know what you are leaving behind," says Ronald Prior, chief of the phytochemical lab at the Department of Agriculture's Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University. He adds, "I am convinced there's synergy between the various tea components." 

When you drink a warm, soothing cup of tea you are getting the power of natural, unaltered antioxidants as mother-nature intended. Researchers agree that the reason for lower rates of cancer in some parts of Asia is simply because most people drink tea with every meal. Resolve to make changes that work and will continue working over the long term. Avoid the quick fix. Instead enjoy the delicious, relaxing alternative a good cup of freshly brewed tea offers.

Teas Even More Green

Teas Etc has always been more than just "green" with tea, supporting the environment using recycled and bio-degradable shipping supplies and recycling and reusing in our office. In an effort to further commit to lessen our impact on the planet we have taken the next step partnering with CarbonFund.org the country's leading carbon reduction and offset organization. 

Carbonfund.org works with over 300 corporate and non-profit partners including the Discovery Channel, Volkswagon, Dell, Orbitz and Lancome giving businesses an easy, affordable way to reduce their impact on the environment through carbon offsets. Carbonfund.org determines the carbon offsets the company is required to purchase by calculating the amount of emissions the business produces yearly and translating that into a dollar figure. Then on behalf of the business, Carbonfund.org invests in the most cost effective carbon offsets; renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects. 

"This simple, straightforward program seemed the most user friendly and easy to track when we were evaluating what would work best for us," says Beth Johnston President of Teas Etc. "Even more exciting is the new web interface that we are currently working on that will allow our customers the opportunity to do the same" adds Johnston. Shoppers will soon be given the option to choose to offset the emissions of shipping their orders when checking out online - $.25 for orders within the continental US - $.50 for all other orders. Those donations will be sent to Carbonfund.org quarterly to be invested in carbon offsets. "We are anxious to launch this new feature on the website and are sure that our customers will respond positively to the chance to give back especially in such an easy to use format" says Nathan Black, Web Administrator. 

To learn more about Carbonfund.org, visit their website.

Premium Tea Samplers

Adding more tea to your life is even easier with our new Premium Tea Samplers. This complete tea tasting kit includes 3 varieties of our finest tea, 1 ounce each, in a specific tea category and includes brewing filters. With 10 categories to choose from expanding your tea experience has never been easier or more affordable.
Follow this link to browse our Premium Tea Sampler varieties.

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Did You Know?

  • Green tea contains compounds, which have been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce the incidence of stroke.
  • Drinking tea regularly can increase bone density.
  • Green tea has plenty of vitamin C, which may cause you to secrete fewer stress hormones.
  • Flavonoids and other compounds in tea prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to teeth.
  • Flavonoids prevent amylase, a starch-digesting enzyme in saliva, from generating a type of sugar that contributes to cavities.