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Going Green Takes on New Meaning for Tea Importer


Teas Etc, importer and online seller of premium loose leaf teas, has given new meaning to going green with their innovative online shipping feature. Customers can now green purchases by spending an additional $.25 to offset the carbon emissions caused by shipping their tea order. 100% of this minimal amount goes directly to CarbonFund.org to support renewable resources, reforestation projects and energy efficiency programs.

"We feel that our customers have the same environmental concerns as we do. When we went live on Monday, within the first hour, we had a 75% opt in rate," said Beth Johnston, Founder and CEO of Teas Etc.

Teas Etc began their relationship with the leading carbon offset group CarbonFund.org several months ago with an annual financial commitment, electing to offset the company's yearly carbon footprint. "We have always had a commitment to the environment with long standing recycling, greener facilities and reuse programs" said Johnston. "

When questioned on why they chose CarbonFund.org, Johnston responded, "CarbonFund.org has everything we were looking for, a simple, easy to implement and understand program that has the recognized certification/verification that is respected as the gold standard within the carbon offset community." They're responsive and easy to work with and it is obvious that this was the right choice for Teas Etc." 

"Tea drinkers everywhere want to know they are getting the best product through the most responsible means," said Eric Carlson, Executive Director of Carbonfund.org. With this partnership, Teas Etc shows a commitment to making their products not just delicious but eco-friendly. We're very excited."

Teas Etc has been importing loose leaf teas and tea related goods since 1998, providing retail and wholesale customers with high quality teas at competitive prices. The company is dedicated to maintaining a one customer at a time philosophy, giving personalized attention to everyone they serve. The company is a USDA certified handler and processor and an FDA registered import/exporter with offices in West Palm Beach and a satellite office in Shanghai, China. Teas Etc is found online at www.TeasEtc.com.