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World Tea Expo

World Tea Expo was awesome once once again this year! Thanks to the Jage's, Kim & George, for providing specialty tea with a platform to meet, share, learn and sell tea.

I started the expo with New Business Boot Camp, teaching alongside some of my favorite people in the industry, Jane Pettigrew, Charles Cain, and Kristine Snider among others. 100 enthusiastic, curious attendees filled my Marketing class for a couple of hours of interactive learning. I love what groups come up with.

Set up was the next adventure. We weren't as prepared for this aspect of the show this year. With a 10 X 30 booth we needed to reconfigure things and got it all done with enough time to hit the buffet at the Cosmopolitian.

We have a new cupping table that warrants a separate post, coming soon.

Friday morning rock'd! Teas Etc was once again hosting the Core Conference Tea Break and once again we were serving loose leaf quality teas....as it should be after all it is World "Tea" Expo. Attendees responded as anticipated, happy to be drinking great tea while taking part in awesome tea education. Most returned multiple times to try a different varieties; chocolate covered strawberry pu'erh, coconut almond green, oriental beauty oolong, golden monkey organic and more. We even ran out of the pre-Qing Ming Dragon Well.

Friday morning's energy set the positive tone for the rest of the day,and the rest of the show.

The next stop was our vendor presentation in the special events pavillion. I was overwhelmed with pride to see the new company video produced by Taylor Rabow, on the big screen. Great job T! We handed out tea, gave away tee shirts and answered questions on a variety of Teas Etc topics. The event was definitely a success. We appreciate everyones participation.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth to taste tea, participate in cupping's, and visit with all of us.

Pictures to follow in a separate post, cause I'm learning to use drop box.

Until next time, Beth

Location:Las Vegas
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