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Spring Teas are Arriving in Shanghai

Due to unseasonably warm whether in China spring teas are already being harvested, much earlier than usual. Zhuyeqing green tea, from Sichuan Province, and Wenzhou also a green tea, from Zhejiang Province are already being sold in Shanghai.

While early spring teas are often the highest in quality the best is yet to come and will go on the market in early to mid March.

The highly anticipated Longjing, aka Dragon Well, green tea from the village of the same name in Zhejiang Province is one of China's most famous green teas. The buds are already sprouting on these plants and the first of 2007 from this renowned village will be available for purchase soon and I will be the first in line! The early spring Dragon Well is superb and every year I cant wait to try these harvests in the highest grades.

Experts predict if the warmer weather continues tea production will be up this year in China and prices should remain almost unchanged, good news for us all!

Until next time, Beth

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